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The race for Defence Financial Controller of the Ghana Armed Forces is on

Expectations had been very high that the “authorities” would heed the “cry” of Patriotic Concerned Officers and Men (PACOM) of the various security services with a sense of urgency and foresight bearing in mind the ill-treatment, injustices, victimization and harassment that the NDC government and its associates meted out to innocent professionally upright officers and men who were considered to be either NPP sympathizers or not on the side of the NDC.

Unfortunately, those expectations have not been met and there are no indications that they would be met in the near future so long as the Kan Dapaahs, Okyeres, Nitiwuls, Derys and their “shadows” (the Francis Pokus, RO Sackeys and Gbevlo-Larteys) remain in charge.

Very hardworking and professionally very upright persons who assisted and played various roles to bring the ELEPHANT back into the seat of government are increasingly getting disappointed, disillusioned, frustrated and despondent about the way things are being done or orchestrated in and outside the barracks.

There is no doubt that the NDC is still in firm control and in charge of affairs. The NDC loyalists are using blackmail, political and ethnocentric persecutions as their propaganda weapons to an underserved advantage.

Having “purged” the top hierarchies of all the security services from their perceived NPP sympathizers and having ensured that only NDC loyalists were appointed and promoted into all the top positions, the NDC and its members now feel threatened that the NPP government would “retaliate” or pay them back in their own coin. Hence crying wolf when there is none and chasing their own ghosts.

The former NDC government and its members do not deny that they embarked upon a political vendetta when they “regained” political power in January 2009.

Not even Professor JEA Mills (a pretender of Asomdwee-Asomdwehene) could stop the animalistic tendencies in the hawks. The Gbevlo-Larteys went after every perceived political opponent including even President John Kufuor and then Presidential Candidate of the NPP and now President of the Republic, Nana Addo.

Lieutenant Colonel AK Gbevlo-Lartey, who had been well “settled” on retirement, was incensed by his compulsory retirement during the regime of President John Kufuor. Lieutenant Colonel AK Gbevlo-Lartey had forgotten the comments he made as the Commanding Officer of the 64 Infantry Regiment during a visit to the unit by Dr Kwame Addo Kufour.

Again, after being posted to GAFCSC as a member of the Directing Staff, Lieutenant Colonel AK Gbevlo-Lartey continued to pass unprofessional and disloyal comments about the hierarchy of the Ghana Armed Forces and the NPP government.

The postings of Lieutenant Colonel AK Gbevlo-Lartey on peacekeeping missions did not see any remorseful changes in him. He continued to behave as if he was the only “Commando”, “elite officer” and “security expert” in the country.

His actions and inactions in the Congo all culminated in his retirement and yet he would rather vent his anger and frustration on the NPP government of John Kufour rather than himself. The arrogance, extraordinary air of importance and the “untouchable status” that Larry (as he was affectionately called) exhibited goaded him on to deal drastically with all perceived political opponents when he became the National Security Coordinator.

With the “dreaded Larry” in charge of Security matters, surrounded by several kinsmen of malicious intents, he ensured that all key positions in the security services were “reserved” for the NDC politically and ethnocentrically correct only.

Mass retirements of Generals, Colonels and Lieutenant Colonels were effected in the Ghana Armed Forces, in particular, with impunity and without any compunction. Where it became necessary to retire some officers from the Volta Region and the three Northern Regions, they were quickly given positions and appointments at the National Security Secretariat (Blue-Gate and Castle those days).

Consequently, the Theo Tawiahs, Victor Gamors, Nibos, Eshuns, Agudugos and several others found their way to various positions and appointments in the National Security apparatus.

Those who remained in the Ghana Armed Forces became “tin gods”. For instance, the late Colonel COA Nutakor became a dictator and an untouchable at the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College. Not even the Commandant, Major General Kwesi Yankson, could “contain” let alone “control” him.

No wonder that Colonel COA Nutakor, then a student at the Ghana School of Law, could take an accountable imprest (in dollars) meant for the delegation to the Republic of Benin as part of the College’s Regional Tours. The likes of then Colonel and later Brigadier General AK Adokpa, the Lawsons, Tanye-Kulonyos, Datsas, Fianyas, Fiawoos, Gagakumas, Beick-Baffours, Dzisis, Edjeanis and Senyo Ayers among others had become the “supremos” in the barracks and the NDC government.

They found an “anchor” in the Chief of Staff, Commodore GM Biekro, who had rendered the then Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant General PA Blay, a “Simpa Payin” (Ceremonial head).

Similar things happened in the other security services especially the Ghana Police Service, the BNI, the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority and the Ghana Immigration Service.

Most officers and men perceived to be sympathetic to the NPP lost their positions and appointments to the Nyebros and their allies of the Batakari fraternity. Postings to “Siberias” were the order of the day. Thus, most Akans and others perceived to be NPP symapathizers were posted to very rural and remote communities.

In their places, the “NDC Blessed Ones” were appointed. There is no need to remind ourselves of the Superintendent Kwasi Ofori’s issue in Kumasi. Superintendent Kwasi Ofori, who was in charge of Public Relations during John Kufour’s presidency, was whisked away from the Police Headquarters in the first “Police Reshuffle”. In his place was appointed then ASP Cephas Arthur who surprisingly is still holding onto his position in view of his clear leanings towards the NDC.

ASP Cephas Arthur defended the John Kudalors, Mohammed Alhassans, Paul Tawiah Quayes even when innocent citizens on peaceful and lawful demonstrations had lost their sights, had been brutalized (brutally assaulted and battered), had lost their lives at Agbogbloshie, Chereponi, Agogo and other areas.

Yet Superintendent Cephas Arthur, unlike Kwasi Ofori, has been enjoying his appointment better under even IGP David Asante-Apieatu and President Nana Addo.

In 2009, the then Director General Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Mr. Adu Poku and his Deputy, Mr. Ken Yeboah were all posted out of the Department under very bizarre circumstances. In their places were appointed persons from the Volta Region.

Mr. Prosper Ablor who had been seconded to the Ivory Coast by the Kufour administration became a traitor and kept his position as Director General Criminal Investigations Department under all the three NDC appointed IGPs between 2009 and 2017.

Mr. Prosper Ablor coordinated the efforts, resources and intelligence necessary for the victory of the NDC in the 2008 Ghanaian general elections with the protection and diplomatic immunity of Ghana’s Embassy in Abidjan. No wonder that his appointment and promotion to the status of Director General CID and Deputy Commissioner of Police respectively followed immediately after handing/taking over of Executive power on 7 January 2009.

Mr. Prosper Ablor partnered Lieutenant Colonel AK Gbevlo-Lartey and others very well on security matters. Meetings were held within and outside Ghana involving serving and retired military, police, BNI and External Intelligence officers. Some of those meetings were attended by then Colonel and now Brigadier General AK Dzisi, especially the overseas meetings.

During the first term of the NDC, when for a greater part, Professor John Mills was the lame duck President, some of the officers and men of NDC roots, who are now pretending to be NPP members, had a field day and were the ones calling the shots.

For instance, it was during that period that Colonel F Vib-Sanziri got seconded to the United Nations in New York while his wife, an Assistant Commissioner of Police, also got posted to Ghana’s High Commission in UK.

On their return to Ghana during the presidency of John Mahama, they both got promoted to the ranks of Brigadier General and Deputy Commissioner of Police respectively and held various key appointments in the security services and the NDC.

Today, Mr. Ambrose Dery has appointed Mrs. Vib-Sanziri to the Board of Directors of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust as a member of the Police Management Board at the Police Headquarters. Her husband, Brigadier General F Vib-Sanziri, who was recently relieved of his appointment as Director General National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) is currently the Director General International Peace Support Operations (IPSO) and is being considered for promotion and/or appointment as a Defence Adviser since age is not on his side.

All these have become possible because of the fact that they are “Northerners” and have two “Northerners” as Ministers of Interior and Defence.

Brigadier General F Vib-Sanziri is believed to be of the same tribe as Mr. Ambrose Dery and they are believed to be school mates in the Upper West Region.

Similarly, my catholic brother and not Lodge brother Brigadier General AK Dzisi, the Defence Financial Controller of the Ghana Armed Forces has managed to “shed his NDC skin” and is now wearing a “cosmetic NPP coat” owing to his abilities and skills in penetrating the integrity doors of the Flagstaff House and the Square.

Today, Brigadier General Dzisi’s confidence has soared astronomically because he has “washed his hands well” and is no longer scared of any threats including those from his own “nye sister”, Brigadier General Constance Emefa Edjeani-Afenu. The two “Nyebros” are all using their contacts in and outside the NPP fraternity to gain advantage over each other. Whereas, Brigadier General AK Dzisi is the incumbent and expects to be allowed to “complete his tour of duty”, the over-ambitious Brigadier General CE Edjeani-Afenu is bent on “dethroning” his junior Brigadier General AK Dzisi at all cost.

Today, Brigadier General CE Edjeani-Afenu is using the Togbe Afedes, Obed Akwas, Okyeres, Nitiwuls, Women Affirmative Associations, the first and second Ladies and “any powers” that she can appeal through to be made the Defence Financial Controller.

Indeed, Brigadier General CE Edjeani-Afenu is not satisfied with the “numerous firsts” that she has already scored in her military career. Among her “first titles” are:

  1.    First Female officer to be man-handled, ill treated by soldiers after the 31st December 1981 coup d’état of the PNDC owing to her alleged “offences” as a Border Guard officer
  2.       First Female officer to be appointed a Commanding Officer (i.e. Commanding Officer Forces Pay Office)
  3.        First Female officer to be appointed Deputy Military Adviser to the UN in New York (Deputy MILAD)
  4.      First  Female officer to be appointed and promoted Brigadier General

Brigadier General CE Edjeani-Afenu is not satisfied with all these “first titles”. She wants to be appointed “Defence Financial Controller” as a matter of urgency and is moving heaven and earth ably supported by her husband and her elder sister to achieve that feat.

It is interesting to note that Brigadier General CE Edjeani-Afenu scored all her “first titles” during the era of the PNDC and NDC 1 under Jerry Rawlings and NDC 2 of Mills/Mahama administration.

Both Brigadier Generals Dzisi and CE Edjeani-Afenu openly demonstrated their proud membership of the NDC after 7th January 2009. With then Lieutenant Colonel Paul Seidu Tanye-Kulono (a father of the only child of Brigadier General CE Edjeani-Afenu’s younger sister-late Colonel Peggy Edjeani) as the President’s Security Coordinator at the Castle, then Lieutenant Colonel and now

Brigadier General CE Edjeani-Afenu and her younger sister warmly walked under the NDC umbrella and exploited all the opportunities to advantage.

No mention was then made of the senior Edjeani, a former educationist, believed to be a sympathizer or member of the NPP. Today the political pendulum has swung in favour of the NPP and Brigadier General CE Edjeani-Afenu has remembered that her senior sister and NOT SHE, is a member of the NPP, and must be a beneficiary of her sister’s “works and contributions”.

Again, Brigadier General CE Edjeani-Afenu is exploiting the fact General Obed Akwa is an Intake Mate of her husband, Captain Frederick Afenu (Rtd) to advantage.

That is the tale of the two Nyebro Brigadier Generals of the Forces Pay Corps of the Ghana Armed Forces!!!

Members of PACOM are not enthused at all about any of the two Brigadier Generals to lead the Pay Corps at this “moment of truth”. The “eye service”, “propaganda” and “blackmail” of the pretenders must give way to realism. The genuine, loyal, upright and patriotic officers in the corps should also be given the chance in order to bring the Nyebro hegemonic dynasty to a close.

What are members of PACOM hearing?

That Colonel Selassie Gagakuma, a dyed in wool NDC member, has been made the Director of Supplies and Transport?

Then the NPP government should be ready to pay huge bills on food and fuel. The incredible figures outstanding as food and fuel bills left behind by the Mahama administration are going to be astronomically higher under the Directorship of Colonel Selassie Gagakuma.

And the Directorate of Ordnance Services has also gone to another NDC stalwart! E! What are the NPP Ministers and Advisers responsible for Security, Defence and Safety doing?

Oh, so the Kan Dapaahs, Kyeremehs, Okyeres, Akwas, Ayamdos and others cannot see through the shadow manipulations taking place all over the barracks by the NDC officers and men?

Indeed, these personalities are not “crying our cry”. They are crying their own cry. But we want them to cry our cry. They should not forget that 2016 is now history and that 2020 and 2024 are the critical years for the NPP. The so called security experts should not forget that just as John Mahama was booted out after only one term (but technically and fortunately for him he could be credited with two terms owing to the “free hand” that he had as Vice President of John Mills), the same fate could be that of Nana Addo.

The numerous Ministers and Advisers should not forget that by their actions, and omissions, the NDC is gradually and incrementally gaining grounds to challenge and possibly displace the NPP in 2020. No complacency should be tolerated.

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