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Probe IGP! …..Over Landguards

With Additional files from the New Crusading Guide

The Clan Head of Gomoa Fetteh in the Central Region, Abusuapanyin Nana Ahomka, has petitioned the President to, as a matter of urgency, set up a committee to investigate the veracity or otherwise of brazen pronouncement by land guards in the area, that they have allegedly offered money amounting to two hundred thousand Ghana Cedis (GH¢200,000) to IGP David Asante Apeatu, to protect their activities, hence their disrespect for the police in the community.

He and his residents are also calling on the President to probe allegations that virtually every weekend, the IGP goes to the town in disguise to fraternize with the very people who are terrorizing the residents, day-in-day-out.

Abusuapanin is therefore daring the IGP to come out and clear his name or arrest the land guards in the area if, indeed, he is innocent of the allegation being bandied against him in the town and its surrounding communities.

In an interview with the DAYBREAK via telephone yesterday in Accra, Abusuapanyin Nana Ahomka, said speculations, which he had no reason to doubt, were that the security capo had a strong relationship with the leaders of the land guards namely: Boko Boko and Kwasi Alhaji and that that was the reason why they operate with impunity in the area.

“The IGP, I hear, is their very good friend. He travels to the town every weekend to enjoy grass cutter soup with these riff-raffs. It is just incredible that the boss of the state` police is allegedly involved with such characters whose activities society frown on,” he indicated.

According to Nana Ahomka, neighbouring communities bordering with Gomoa Fetteh, including Brekuso and Millennium City, have been victims of the activities of the notorious land guards. For instance, he alleged, on one occasion, just when the land guards got to a place to carry out destruction of properties, the police arrived but one of the land guards boldly barked at the police man that: “Leave here! What do you want? Your boss the IGP has collected his money already so what do u want here?” and sacked the police from the land.

He said that people living within these communities are living in great fear and panic such that life in these towns has not been promising and safe since the coming into existence of these land guards.

“The police in the Central Region have also not been able to curb the situation since these land guards always tout the name of the IGP as being in support of what they do. They are careful not to lose their ranks, thus the reason for their unconcerned attention to the situation,” he disclosed.

Abusuapanyin Nana Ahomka averred that it was clear from all indications how the Akufo- Addo led government was combating corruption, adding that he was persuaded that this allegations would not be overlooked.

He therefore called on the President to investigate the issue and take the necessary steps to allow the laws of the country serve its purpose.

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