NS Commander Arms Civilians


….Sidelines Mainstream Personnel

The Police unit at the National Security Ministry, which is headed by Minister Albert Kan Dapaah, has expressed disquiet about happenings at their department following the replacement of their former boss.

The officers, recall were initially headed by Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Samuel Kojo Azugu, known for his role at the Ayawaso by-election gun brutalities three years ago.

He has been succeeded by one Deputy Superintendent of Police Boakye Ansah.

The peeved Police officers have levelled a series of accusations against DSP Boakye Ansah, the chief being the release of CZ pistols and vehicles, to civilians and some Police officers not at the ministry as well as the deduction of their allowances.

According to DAYBREAK’s sources, the officers who act on behalf of the Ministry are paid GH¢500 every two weeks.

But, DSP Boakye Ansah according to sources singlehanded has been deducting GH¢50 from each of the officer’s allowance claiming it is for welfare which they are not happy about.

He is also accused of releasing a Hyundai i10 vehicle and four security mobile phones GoTa to these same civilians and Police who have nothing to do with their unit at the Ministry.

Now, aside from the fact that the act of releasing the guns is against the Service’s rule, there are fears such a move could lead to these arms ending in the hands of unscrupulous people including armed robbers.

DSP Boakye Ansah took over from his colleague DSP Azugu who according to the Interior Minister Ambrose Derry, has been transferred to the National Operation Headquarters of the Ghana Police Service, is with the speed of light becoming unpopular among the officers DAYBREAK has gathered.

These acts this paper gathered is sending wrong signals and disaffection among others who are displeased with the current situation.

The concerned officers want the situation to be looked into and the necessary correction effected and the vehicles, guns, mobile gadgets and others retrieved.

Meanwhile, when DAYBKEAK contacted DSP Boakye Ansah he confirmed the allegation indicating that the said vehicle and guns were given to officers at Police National Operation but they have been retrieved the vehicle back to the unit.

He, however, failed to disclose the names of such officers.