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Mr. President, your security capos are foes of the NPP

Members of the Patriotic Concerned Officers and Men (PACOM) have vowed not to relent in their efforts to draw the attention of the NPP administration of Their Excellencies Nana Addo and Alhaji Bawumia to the dangers and risks inherent in the “Nkabom Promotions” policies being pursed as long as the injustices bequeathed by the Mills/Mahama persist.

The political costs of some of the recklessness and flagrant disregard for equity inherent in the “Nkabom Promotions” are enormous and may have very long term detrimental effects on the NPP as a government and as a party.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) is extremely worried about its present position as the major opposition in the political landscape of Ghana owing to the heavy defeat it suffered in the 2016 elections. The NDC is desperately hungry for power and would do everything (thinkable and unthinkable) to reclaim power in 2020 and subsequent election years.

Now that the NDC has researched extensively and intensively into the causes of its defeat in the 2016 elections, it is going all out aggressively with all the arsenals at its disposal to regain power. Nobody should doubt the capabilities of the NDC. They have the looted resources (money and other assets) in abundance and they have the dishonest men with wicked souls to do all the dirty work required.

We should be mindful of the fact that in spite of all the traits of incompetence, affinity for electoral malpractices and unfairness, Madam Charlotte Osei and her team are still at the helm of affairs at the Electoral Commission.

The NDC and EC are already in talks over what went wrong in 2016 (system’s failure of electronic devices) and what could be done in 2020 and other election years to favour the NDC. We should not forget that Madam Charlotte Osei has over twenty (20) years to remain in office as the EC boss and would do everything humanly possible to pay back or reward John Mahama in particular and the NDC in general for her appointment.

Anybody in the NPP who trusts Madam Charlotte Osei to be an impartial umpire in Ghana’s elections does so at their own risks. She will and can never be fair to the NPP. Those who have memories and eyes should check her countenance on Friday 9th December 2016 when she was about to announce and while announcing the results declaring His Excellency Nana Addo as the winner of the 2016 Presidential results and would come to their own judgment as to the “real Charlotte Osei” and what she stands for.

With this danger of a biased Electoral Commission, members of PACOM cannot watch in passivity the laissez faire unguarded Nkabom Promotions that are being exhibited at the instance of “enemy within” number one Brigadier General Emmanuel Okyere.

All concerned members, supporters and sympathizers of the NPP should be worried about the over elaborated Nkabom Promotions being engineered and executed in piecemeal and full vim on the advice of Brigadier General Okyere who no doubt is being haunted by the ghosts of his past NDC favours, connections and appointments.

For those who might have forgotten, Brigadier General Okyere was a Military Assistant (MA) to Lieutenant General Arnold Quainoo (the Buffalo Soldier) when the latter was the Force Commander and had made himself a brutal terror in the Ghana Armed Forces.

Lieutenant General Arnold Quainoo was a bad leader who used his dual position as the Head of the Armed Forces and a Member of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) to destroy very professional upright officers and men for political expediency. If Brigadier General Okyere was an adviser to Lieutenant General Arnold Quainoo then one should not expect any real positive impact from him. His master, Lieutenant General Arnold Quainoo, who wanted to be like General Emmanuel Erskine in the United Nations circles, was humiliated in Liberia as the Force Commander when he facilitated the “killing” of then Head of State President Samuel Kanyon Doe of Liberia by the forces of Prince Yormie Johnson.

So with disgrace, Lieutenant General Arnold Quainoo had to hand over the duties of ECOMOG Force Commander to the then very popular Nigerian General who was the Deputy Force Commander. Lieutenant General Arnold Quainoo was the Force Commander in Ghana when several officers and men were either killed extra judicially or vanished into thin air.

That explains why he could not attain the feet of Lieutenant General Emmanuel Alexander Erskine and had to leave Liberia in shame after promising that if he took 1000 troops to then war-torn Liberia he would ensure that he returned with the same 1000 troops.

The good Lord looked at the dirt in the heart of Lieutenant General Arnold Quainoo and could not find favor with him. The evil that men so lives after them. The ghosts of all those officers killed during the tenure of office of Lieutenant General Arnold Quainoo as Force Commander of the Ghana Armed Forces are haunting him. All the officers and men that he released or retired prematurely or sacked for flimsy reasons such as the unpopular “Three (3) Day” AWOL rule are cursing him.

He has been “isolated” for several years and cannot visit the messes and other military facilities and installations freely as General Emmanuel Alexander Erskine was able to do when he retired and was in good health. Lieutenant General Arnold Quainoo has however managed to play roles in the elections of 2008, 2012 and 2016. It is alleged that his home at Okplongo has notoriously become the training grounds and Rendezvous of NDC foot-soldiers and warriors.

And Lieutenant General Arnold Quainoo continues to be one of the best friends of Brigadier General Okyere as at date!!!

Again, Brigadier General Okyere was appointed the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) of Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) by President Rawlings. For all the “good things” done to him by the NDC, Brigadier General Okyere wants to be extremely soft on the NDC and all their members, supporters and well wishers in our community.

Don’t forget that he also turned down a Major General’s promotion by the Kufuor government just because he was promised the position of Chief of Defence by somebody within the NDC during the 2008 elections.

That explains why he is in bed with the likes of KTQ and Francis Poku whose ingratitude to His Excellency JA Kufuor made him to do business for the NDC in the 2012 and 2016 elections.

Francis Poku was at the service of the NDC during their infamous eight-year rule and enjoyed part of the NDC loot. It is on record that on his return to Ghana after President Kufuor’s exit, Francis Poku was on subvention from the NDC. The NDC was of immense help to Francis Poku when he lost his wife during the regimes of Mills/Mahama.

Brigadier General Okyere and Kan Dapaah are relying heavily on the pieces of advice of KTQ and Francis Poku. It is on record that Kan Dapaah met KTQ at the Holiday Inn Hotel recently.

That explains why we continue to have NDC appointees holding very sensitive positions in the security services and other public institutions while genuine NPP members and supporters “have nowhere to lay their heads”. Because of their past and present ties and relations with the NDC, Brigadier General Okyere and Kan Dapaah are rather serving the interests of the NDC to the chagrin of members of the NPP.

Conscious of the political volatility in Ghana, Brigadier General Okyere and Kan Dapaah are playing it safe so that in the near future (in fact not too distant future) when they shall no more be National Security Adviser and Minister for National Security respectively, they could roast under the comfortable umbrella of the NDC and the fortified protection of the elephant. Are they not comparable to the “greedy bastard” of immediate past yester years?

There is no doubt that the two security capos are acting selfishly and not in the national interest as they claim. If the two gentlemen are more concerned about the interests of the NDC even to the detriment of the NPP, all in the name of unity (Nkabom) and could not be bothered about the general feeling of serious security challenges in the country, then God save Ghana!!

If you have a  Security Adviser who has time to be sending messages about himself to the platform of his schoolmates about everything, including security  tips to Russia, at very odd times (midnight and thereafter), but does not have intelligence  reports on activities of political opponents, robbers, cyber fraudsters and money  launders and could not be bothered about the sentiments and morale of members, supporters and sympathizers of the ruling party (NPP), then there is a real problem and danger lies ahead.

Again, if you have security capos who are scared to the marrow about blackmail and  criticism of the  major opposition party (NDC) but are  not worried about the unsatisfied expectations and needs of the core members, supporters and sympathizers of the party in power, then your  guess is as right as ours.

These security capos have become friends of the enemy and foes of the friendly forces. It is because of the reckless behavior of Kan Dapaah in the “Kofi Adams vehicle stolen saga” that today, patriotic citizens (Generals, officers and die-hard members of the NPP) have been sued by Kofi Adams at the law courts for defamation and reclaim of “phony assets” allegedly taken away from his vehicles.

Is it not ridiculous that Kofi Adams would keep money and other valuable in his vehicles and home at a time that he had travelled outside the country?

Would an astute lawyer of the stature of Nana Obiri Boahen come to the conclusion that state vehicles had been unlawfully and fraudulently appropriated when he has no evidence?

Is the possession of documents bearing one’s name as the owner of an asset enough conclusive evidence of legal title when the root of title is defective?

It may be true that prima facie the possession of documents and assets are pieces of evidence of one’s title but generally are not irrebutable

Nevertheless, the likes of Kofi Adams, without showing the root of their title and sources of income, have been proclaimed owners of vehicles suspected to belong to the state owing to the posture and comments by the National Security Minister on the issue.

Can these security capos be considered as friends or foes of the NPP?

Members of PACOM have one major headache in the Armed Forced. The issue has to do with the incumbent Forces Sergeant Major. The position of Forces Sergeant Major is very important in the Ghana Armed Forces. The holder of that appointment is the “General of the Other Ranks” He holds an enviable position on the Armed Forces Council. As a member of the Armed Forces Council, the Forces Sergeant Major plays a pivotal rule in policy formulation and related matters in the operations, conditions of service, welfare and well-being of troops.

As a member of the Armed Forces Council, the Forces Sergeant Major (FSM) is privy to and may be involved in deciding on postings, promotions and appointments in the Ghana Armed Forces. Generally, also, on matters of discipline in the Armed Forces, in collaboration with the Service, Formation, Base, Station, Regimental and Unit Sergeant Majors, the FSM plays very important roles.

It is therefore expected the right processes and procedures would be followed in the appointment of Service and Forces Sergeant Majors. But that was not to be in the recent appointments of the incumbent Forces Sergeant Major and Army Sergeant Major.

A former Army Sergeant Major was on peace-keeping operations when the current, who was a mate of the former, was asked to act. Both of them were due for retirement on account of length of service.

Indeed, the current FSM was released and was on terminal leave before Major General SK Adeti was appointed the Chief of Staff. As soon as Major General SK Adeti became the Chief of Staff, he recalled the retiree back into service and appointed him the FSM without going through the proper procedure of tasking a Board to interview a host of eligible Sergeant Majors to recommend the most suitable for the approval of the Chief of Defense Staff in consultation with the Service Chiefs. All this happened in 2016 when Major General SK Adeti had specifically been appointed as Chief of Staff to ensure the retention of John Mahama as the President of the Republic and Commander In Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces.

Major General SK Adeti was the hatchet officer and needed the partnership of a hatchet FSM to partner him to do the “dirty works” for John Mahama and the NDC.

Again, Major General SK Adeti appointed a dye- in wool NDC man as the Army Sergeant Major with impunity. These developments are to be placed in context. They happened in the abnormal times of John Mahama as Commander In Chief.

The chemistry of those personalities in 2016 was just extraordinary compatible and geared towards rigging the 2016 elections for the NDC and John Mahama with the connivance and active collaboration of the EC, especially its chairperson, Madam Charlotte Osei.

When the Almighty God saved Ghanaians from the wicked shackles of John Mahama and his “create, lost and share” bandits, one expected that some of these abnormalities would be corrected. But that was not to be!

Even the “change” of Major General SK Adeti from the position of Chief of Staff to now “Ambassador Plenipotentiary” and Chief Adviser to Brigadier General Okyere, was problematic. Major General SK Adeti had suddenly made a U- turn and was prepared to do business with the NPP to the extent that he attended the thanksgiving service of President Akufo- Addo at Kyebi (of all places) and also continues to pay visits to the Flagstaff House and  the Square (Ministry of Defence).

The likes of Dominic Nitiwul are seriously considering Major General SK Adeti for appropriate appointments and are even demanding concrete pieces of evidence to show the real negative involvement of Major General Adeti in the pro-NDC operations of the Ghana Armed Forces before, during and after the 2016 Parliamentary and Presidential elections. Oh Lord have mercy upon us!!!

The ease with which confidants and close associates of the Mahamas and the NDC fraternity have manages to warm themselves into the NPP Administration of President Nana Akufo-Addo is really very shocking and surprising.

The followers of NPP are facing herculean obstacles in even seeking audience of ministers, heads of public institutions and party executives. Most of the current appointees are refusing to pick up their calls. Some have declined invitations from members of the NPP to attend functions of mutual interest. Yet some officials are doing real business with the devils in the NDC.

Members of PACOM and other concerned citizens are worried about the trend of events.

The issue of the Forces Sergeant Major cannot be pursued without taking account of the arrogance that he has assumed especially after he had been sworn in as a member of the Armed Forces Council by President Nana Akufo Addo. Together with the Chief Director, the Naval and Air Force Chiefs of Staff, the FSM has been recycled into prominence.

He is alleged to have cast insinuations and rained insults on former colleague Warrant Officers who are Command, Base and Formation Sergeant Majors. He ridiculed those Warrant Officers that he perceived and still perceives to be loyalists of the NPP.

Before the elections, the FSM implored all the Sergeant Majors to campaign for the NDC to continue with its good works of development. Some brave, courageous and nationalistic Warrant Officers defied his calls and orders and ensured that the soldiers, ratings and airmen under their control performed their duties professionally without fear or favor.

Those Warrant Officers have become enemies of the incumbent FSM who perceived them as traitors (as far as the NDC was concerned) before the 2016 elections. Instead of seeing himself and his conduct as an aberration, the FSM rather sees those brave, courageous, upright, disciplined and patriotic Warrant Officers who wanted the real wishes of the Ghanaian people to prevail at the polls of 2016 as his enemies.

To the astonishment of the patriotic concerned members of our community, the FSM, the Chief Director, their brother in law on the Armed Forces Council, the NDC appointed Service Chiefs and the Chief of Staff have formed a new level of mafia in the hierarchy of destructive forces to sabotage the NPP administration.

It is very sad and unfortunate that the two security capos (of same regional affinity) do not have ears to listen and eyes or have refused to listen or hear very negative developments in the security services.

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