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Dead in the bedroom

Many have quotes related to sleep. Some say sleep is a similitude of death. Others say you should make peace before sleep so that when you fail to wake up you would have made amends for offences. We wake up early in the morning but others don’t. They go to be with the Lord while we are all enjoying our night sleep.

Relatives and sympathizers have wondered if they could have prevented the death of their loved ones if they engaged them throughout the night. While others are having sex for warmth, others turn their eyes towards death to say goodbye. When some are preparing at dawn to face the day, others face and hear crying from their neighbors houses. It may have crossed your mind the agony and pain relatives go through tossing the cold lifeless body of their dead loved ones just to hear their voice one more time.

That might be the appointed time for their death with no or little explanation while others may have medical underpinnings. Today, we discuss causes of death at night and within the early minutes to hours of waking up like binge alcohol drinking, abuse of sex-enhancing pills and some underlying health issues like heart diseases.

Binge alcohol drinking

Alcohol drinking is a long-aged activity that has transcended generations. From Noah who had a hangover after the flood, right to the blue kiosks and pubs near us we’ve always seen people drink alcohol. Alcohol is served during festivities and occasions. Some take it for relaxation and with the aim of killing stress and depression because alcohol induces short-lived amnesia and memory disturbances. On the back of these numerous reasons, overdrinking alcohol (binge alcohol drinking) can be detrimental to your health.

Binge alcohol drinking according to Centre of Disease Control (CDC) is drinking more than 5 glasses of alcohol for men and 4 for women in 2hours. This totals to about 1.5 to 2L in 2hours. More than 21 shots of alcohol in 4hours also amount to binge alcohol drinking.

After an episode of binge drinking, this is what the alcohol does to your body. Alcohol attains levels that aid increased permeation into the brain to depress the respiratory centre (pneumotaxic centre). This depresses and can even stop your normal breathing in and out. It is like having pillow put over your face to suffocate you to death. That is the effect of binge alcohol drinking curtailing breathing. Secondly, alcohol is converted to toxic level of acetyldehyde. Acetyldehyde plunges binge alcohol drinkers into coma, a state of unarousable loss of conscious and even death.

To add-on, binge alcohol drinkers, go long periods without drinking or eating anything because large volumes of alcohol fill the stomach enhancing satiety. Due to this feeling of fullness almost like drinking loads of water, encourages long periods of food and water deprivation causes hypoglycemia and dehydration further worsening the above effects of binge drinking. This is because the brain that regulates being awake and sleep needs glucose from the food taken in as its main source of energy and proper functioning. When the brain is starved of glucose, it is unable to fire impulses to stimulate us to recover from sleep.

Aside from the above enlisted direct effects of binge drinking, a growing trend is the lethal combination of energy drinks and alcohol. These energy drinks contain caffeine, a stimulant while alcohol is a downer. Your guess is as good as mine with regards to its effects on your consciousness. This dangerous alcohol-energy-drink combo jeopardizes your blood pressure and the pumping activity of your heart. This invariably affects your ability to wake from sleep time. Desist from peer pressure of who can stay woke after an outrageous number of shots of alcohol. You may meet your untimely death due to that. You are not weak if you cannot gulp shots of alcohol. Social media gives us a pictorial view of what binge alcohol drinking has done to people. Beware, binge alcohol drinking kills.

Sex enhancing drugs.

The other of the day is men and women going the extra mile to please each other during sex. The debate of how good sex can be ranges from how long the sex can last and how large genitals are. These are the expectations of users of sex-enhancing drugs. Now these are my worries; overdose and the counterfeit ones. Counterfeit ones sip into the market without going through measured regulations of the food and drugs authority. These counterfeit enhancers sometimes contain banned products or have an unregulated amount of the enhancing substance. They are easily identified because they don’t have the logo of the Food And Drugs Authority (FDA).

These sex enhancing agents affects indices of life including blood pressure and pulse rate (heart rate). Blood pressure and pulse in disarray is not compatible with life. Consult your health provider if you want to use a sex enhancer and have any of these: a heart condition, hypertension or have had a stroke before or with a family history of stroke. I know you want to be “chairmo” but be measured when using these products.

Documented events of sexual partners dying on top of their bedmates during a sexual act are sometimes due to the overdose of these enhancers. Always look for the FDA logo before you patronize them.

The above-stated cause of death is preventable. Just be responsible and measured in your dealings.


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