Ghana’s movie industry has been on the decline for years – Zynnell Zuh


Actress, Zynnell Zuh asserts that the Ghana movie industry is not flourishing due to the limited market.

She opines that due to the size of the Ghanaian market, it is difficult for producers to recoup monies invested in movies and are subsequently unable to produces any more.

Zynnell who doubles as a movie producer has therefore admonished her colleagues to produce movies that can cross the borders of Ghana in order to keep them in the business.

“The industry has been on a decline for some years now and one of the contributing factors is the fact that Ghana doesn’t have the numbers. We don’t have the market here so there is a limit to how much a producer can invest in a production because if you spend a hundred thousand dollars and your movie doesn’t have the crossover appeal for you to market it in Nigeria, Kenya or somewhere else, you can’t even break even. If you can’t break even, you can’t continue producing because you are making a loss. So I think the strategy that producers should use is to shoot movies that have the crossover appeal. Nigeria has about 36 states with cinemas everywhere so if you movie can be premiered there, it can keep you in business. Ghana is very small so for the industry to grow, we need to sell to other countries,” she said during a press briefing to unveil her and four others as ambassadors for Zylofon Media.

Zynnell shot to fame in 2010 after starring in several television series and movies, including ‘Tears of a Smile’. She produced ‘When Love Comes Around’ which starred Jim Iyke (Nigeria), Eku Edewor (Nigeria), Pierra Makena (Kenya), Micky Osei Berko, Eddie Watson and Confidence Haugen in 2015.

The movie was directed by Afe Olumowe.

Zynnell, Benedicta Gafah, Bibi Bright, Toosweet Annan and James Gardener as ambassadors of the firm will be producing movies for the firm as it handles their profession