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Degree Holders Tied To Bank Guard Duties In Police Service

Reports reaching DAYBREAK indicates that fairness and equity with regard to promotions in the Ghana Police Service is becoming a lost tradition in the otherwise disciplined service, with scores and scores of outstanding cases of police personnel, both male and female, having completed courses that should have resulted in their being promoted, but left to rot or resign.

This is in spite of recent efforts on the part of the current government at motivating policemen and women

The cases included officers who have completed degree courses as well as those who have completed postgraduate programmes, including MA/MPHIL/PHD holders waiting for promotions that are not likely to come, unless one is a favorite of the administration or pours libation to a top officer in the service.

An embarrassing twist to the whole saga is that masters’ degree holders are also penciled for guard duties, including those at banks and shopping malls.

So intense is the level of frustration that a conservative number of ten policemen and women who are graduates resign from the Police Service every month to find available space at banks and insurance companies etc


Below is a copy of a petition depicting the situation as revealed to DAYBREAK.








The ASP entered my office but nobody paid the usual courtesy to him. When the Inspector was cautioned, he replied “please I didn’t see you” Before the Inspector could speak again, the officer made entry in the dairy against the noble Inspector.

The Inspector retorted” Koo but you are my squad mate at Depot. Also at the University, you were my study partner. I had first class and you had second class upper. I will not deliberately refuse to pay courtesy to you but the fact is that, I didn’t see you coming” The officer again said “you will explain to the panel when you are called to do so at the service enquiry”

The Inspector burst into tears at the CID office, while the officer left with an extract. The Inspector in the course of his outburst, blame police administration for not granting him study leave. I watched the scene and told myself that so one day, my squad mate will do same to me. Does it mean that when your mate get study leave and become an officer he is more intelligent than you? I don’t think so. I believe that if study leave in Ghana Police determine promotion, then it is bad and sad for other people to benefit while others are not. It’s time police administration look at how study leave is granted and the effects it has on personnel.

In South Africa, policemen are not promoted base on academics but as soon as one complete a tertiary education, his salary is immediately increased. However, in Nigeria, every year, the police administration organizes internal exams for personnel who attain higher education to gain access to senior officers’ rank.

The failure of the police administration to promote personnel who rise in education is gradually making education unimportant to the policemen. But for a policeman to be more effective and competent, he needs to acquire adequate knowledge in school. But it’s a common practice that when anyone upgrades himself in education by attaining additional qualification, he must be promoted. Why is it not so in Ghana Police service? This is not motivational enough to enable personnel go back to school.

Recently, I met a colleague at the Bank of Ghana during interaction; he confirmed that he has resigned from the police. I met a senior colleague at the US Embassy, he said he also resigned. All their reasons were that they were not promoted and so thought it wise to leave. Is it what the police has turned too?

I saw a whatsapp group, where at about five hundred policemen who have attained a higher education has come together to petition the government of their dissatisfaction or the treatment melted on them by the police administration.  When I saw their CV’s my heart jumped into my stomach. Most of them hold Masters, M.Phil and other second degrees. You know what; they are performing bank guard duties. Why is that police administration will not tap their experience into places like investigation and prosecution?  It’s the pride of everybody to rise in life when working in an institution. Why should I attain a higher qualifications and still be a junior staff, one corporal retorted.

If the government does not take care and address this issue of study leave, a day will come where we will not get people to sacrifice for Mother Ghana in terms of proper policing practices. My observation is that, most of the police men are not happy because of how the study leave is awarded to them. More personnel are resigning. A source from police headquarters told me that almost every month, they receive about ten resignation letters from men. Why should a government use its resources to train people and when they reach a stage to be used by government, they leave the service. It looks as if the administration is not concern of the pride of these men. If you cannot stand the heat leave. Sad! Sad!! Very very sad!!!

To become a senior officer in the police service is gradually becoming the highest bidder. An unconfirmed survey I saw shows that only 4% of Policemen are officers while the whooping 96% are the farm workers. Why is it that to become an officer, a personnel who has been in the service for years should be a problem? Why is that senior officers doesn’t want junior ranks to have access to police college? This, most of the junior ranks are not happy.  I don’t know whether the administration knows that this can trigger impasse in the service? When frog is deeply swallowed in water, it croaks. A day will come where some aggrieved policemen will move to the street and fight for their right.

I am yet to feel the transformation agenda earmarked by the IGP. The first thing to address by the office of transformation is to address the issue of graduate without study leave. If the IGP is reading, I want him to note that policemen and women are not happy about study leave issues. This must be addressed.

In 2007, the NPP administration led by Mr. J.A Kufour promoted all graduates who went to school without study leave. It can be done this time as well.

Mr. President, please save the police administration. It’s time all policemen should be educated.  The IGP should emulate South Africa and Nigeria. If the policemen are not happy, crime may increase. If policemen are not happy investors will not come into the country. The IGP must recognize all graduates like Nana Owusu Nsiah did.



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