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‘Allawa’ crisis! Four months no pay

Mr. President, we’ve gathered dossiers that you’re on vacation in the UK with your beloved Rebecca, children and grandchildren.

That’s beautiful but you’ve not taken care of your other children and grandchildren in the health training institutions, which is quite disturbing.

It’s been four (4) straight months and the health trainee’s allowances haven’t been paid.

What is happening, Mr. President? Its been so long and your other children and grandchildren are financially stranded in a maze.

Your health minister came on his rounds on the 29th of March, 2018 and promised these monies would be paid within two weeks from the time he visited, but as it stands not even a penny has been paid to any student for the past 4 months. This wasn’t what we voted for, Mr. President! We trusted you to deliver on your ‘Allawa’ promise.

Paying for just four (4) months isn’t enough and it’s so disturbing. We’re really worried and parents have been reluctant to release money for groceries/‘pocket-money’ all because your government says its paying health trainee allowances. It virtually looks like trainees have to complain all the time before these monies are paid and it isn’t fair.

As a matter of fact, the semester is almost over and some students still owe school fees and handout monies. What exactly is causing this unnecessary delay in payment which heightens anxiety among these students each time their phones beep?

We the health trainees of this beloved country ask that you pay our allowances in order to enable us pay our fees and other important expenses.

Surprisingly, our media seems not perturbed by this unfortunate delay, a body that’s supposed to keep the government on their toes. Hmmm!

Mr. President, we can’t trust anyone now with regards to intended dates of payment, therefore, we need our allowances paid as soon as possible.

Even your health minister was economical with the truth which has resulted in our scepticism towards anyone playing with our ‘Allawa’ emotions by giving us inaccurate timelines.

Don’t forget we’re part of the largest numbers who elected you during the 2016 elections simply because we trusted and bought into your policies.

If you’ve forgotten, let’s remind you! No disappointments!

Health trainees are suffering and need rescue. That SMS alert from MOH/e-zwich enlightens the soul and quenches the financial fire that burns within and without unceasingly. Too much poverty is being advertised by these trainees and it’s terrible!

Mr. President, as you’re enjoying your vacation In the UK with your wife, children and grandchildren Please, act swiftly and let’s have our coins in our little corners! But if and only if it has been scrapped off, kindly have some courtesy and inform us!

Enjoy your vacation and be safe, Your Excellency!

We’re Citizens, Not Spectators!

#PayTheAllawa #4Months #1600Ghana #Yabr3


Source:Moses Bondong

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