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Agradaa must return her stolen wealth – Socrate Safo

Popular fetish priestess Nana Agradaa must make sure all persons she took monies and belongings from on a bad note are happy and smiling with their various families before joining Christianity, experienced movie producer Socrate Safo, has said.

This comes after Agradaa at a news conference revealed she is now a born-again Christian and now calls herself Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng.

“I will no longer work as a fetish priestess. I no longer want to even hear the name Nana Agradaa…What the good Lord has done for me, the calling I have received and his salvation. When I went to church on Sunday, my pastor told me that the name the Lord has bestowed on me is evangelist Patricia OduroKoranteng,” she told the press.

She added “Glory be to God! When I got to the court.the judge only asked for my signature and passport. That was when I lifted my eyes unto the Lord and told Him I’ll fulfill my part of the deal. I promised to not worship deities again. I have a piece of video evidence to this.”

But Safo speaking on Okay FM’s ‘Best Entertainment Show’ Wednesday morning said for the avoidance of doubt and for himself and the many others to believe Agradaa’s repentant statement, she needs to refund all monies taken from people wrongly in her period of worshiping deities.

“Agradaa’s issue has touched my heart. She says she has disowned her ‘sika gari’ and things – that’s a good one. But for people like I and the many others not to doubt her, she should withdraw all amount of cash in her account and share to the people she defrauded co-efficiently. When we see Odi Ahenkan of Peace FM, he can help with the list – he knows a lot of them.”

“That’s when we are going to see the truthful nature of her confession, until then we are going to doubt her and see her talk as a pretending speech. It shouldn’t just be the mouth, the willingness should be there. I’m pleading to all the pastors who would be there to supervise the damage of her gods that this also very important thing to be done. She should give all what she had to the people now. Jesus in the bible told someone who wanted to be a Christian to give all what he had during the bad days, she should do same”.

He added “I’m not saying, she should give it to the needy or those on the street, she has the list, she should call them and give out whatever she took from them. The same people she defrauded. If it’s about selling of properties and other things, it should be done for the payment to be done to them. The work of God is when you help those who need it. Giving back to people you defrauded whiles in your shrine time, making sure they are smiling back for having those monies, there is nothing better than that in the dealings with God. Reconciling with the people who are going hungry, reconciling with the people you took their monies wrongly is the best thing ever. One of such people who spoke to OdiAhenkan said he gave all his pension money to Agradaa and now, he’s homeless. There’s no apology in this – she should give out the money”.

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