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Actress Christabel Ekeh again

Ghanaian actress Christabel Ekeh is once again flirting with controversy after she released some very raunchy photos.

In recently taken photos, the actress is almost nude with just what she referred to as bluesharone lingerie covering her most private parts.

This is about the third time within 2018 that Christabel has been in the news concerning her nudity, and it looks like she wants to make it her stock-in-trade.

Apart from some controverisal photos of her hitting the internet earlier in the year, a video of her surfaced with the actress spotted in only lingerie, being naughty with a young man.

Last year, completely nude photos of her went viral on the internet leading to suggestions that hackers could be behind the release of her pictures.

However, she came out to deny the claims of her account being hacked. This caused the public to conclude that the actress might be battling with some psychological issues.

Having received a lot of backlash over her nudes, one would have thought the actress would thread cautiously in that regard.

But it looks like she has all the ‘vim’ and is unperturbed.


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