At a time prices of petroleum products are constantly being increased as a result of several factors including the depreciation of the Cedi, an alleged security expert, who is reportedly drawing free petroleum products from the Police administration in his capacity only as an expert.

He is allegedly doing this on the blind side of many in the Service but it is obvious his act has been noticed by some others.

The said anonymous security whose name would be kept for the time being has been drawing several litres of fuel from the Police Fuel Dump at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) at 37 in Accra.

DAYBREAK is informed that every week, the so-called security expert ably draws as much as 37 litres to the expense of the Police Service and the tax paper. In all, the said security expert draws over a 100 litres a month from the Police Service.

This fuel even though free, is solely for the operation work of the Police Service.

In the past, patrol teams are grounded because there is a shortage of this fuel and so officers who are expected to patrol certain areas, especially in the national capital at night are unable to do so.

The unnamed security expert who has been embarking on this illegality with the active connivance of others in the Service can do this even though it is highly prohibited.

It is unclear when this act started but it is alleged that the said security expert enjoys this drawing of fuel with express instructions from someone from the top of the service which is headed by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr George Akuffo Dampre.

According to insiders, this is strange and can only be done with support from Police officers because only service vehicles are permitted to be serviced at the Police Dump.

Concerned officers who are in the know of it are raising alarm and concern claiming it amounts to corruption.

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