An attempt by Alhaji Hudu Mogtari, in law of former President John Dramani Mahama to upstage the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for Wa Central, Abdul-Rashid Hassan Pelpuo has hit a snag.

Dr. Abdul-Rashid Pelpuo secured 871 votes, representing 48.7%, while Hudu Mogtari, husband of Mahama’s sister, Joyce Bawa Mogtari gained 708 votes, or 39.6%. Other contenders, Lawyer Wahid Bampuori-lddrisu and Lawyer Abubakar Mutiu Rahaman, received 104 (5.8%) and 91 (5.1%) votes respectively.
Hudu Mogtari was the Chief Executive of the Food and Drug Authority under John Mahama administration while his wife who is now the former president’s spokesperson was the deputy minister of Transport. He was contesting the seat for the third time running with no success.

In the Presidential polls, John Dramani Mahama garnered 1,712 votes, with Kojo Bonsu receiving only 49 votes.

The peaceful elections sparked active campaigns by supporters in the voting hall, despite cautions from the Regional Elections Director.

In his victory speech, Dr. Pelpuo, a royal of the Wala skin promised to work with the other contenders to contribute to the party’s success, recognizing the significant role of MPs in the party.

During his victory speech, Dr. Pelpuo, thanked delegates for yet again choosing to repose their trust and confidence in him to give him another mandate to lead the party going into the 2024 elections.

He pledged to bring the other three contenders on board to help the party since there are many other ways one can also contribute to the party even without becoming an MP.

“The candidates who contested me, I want to extend my gracious admiration for them. I want to say that it is not a loss for them. I still remember what H. E. President Mahama said. He said being a Member of Parliament is not the only responsibility you want to play as a member of the party, that they can play several other roles. I’m willing to work along with them, seek some other opportunities that can help them to work as seriously as any MP that could be working,’ the MP said.