Three Uniformed Police Personnel last Tuesday placed residents of Monrovia Street at East Legon in Accra in a serious scary mood when they stormed number 138 and fired shots to disperse workmen who were doing their legitimate work.

One officer led the Rambo-style incident called ‘Red’ who is noted for terrorizing developers at East Legon.

The shooting made the workers of the contractor working on the portions of land that had been legally acquired with documentation from the Lands Commission run helter-skelter for their lives as the policemen were fully charged with causing mayhem.

The Backhole driver of the construction company that was working on the retaining wall for the owners of the property was arrested by the police.

The police claimed that they had an order from the control but surprisingly, the driver who was arrested was released without any explanation or charge.

The land for the retaining wall was initially a buffer zone but has now been earmarked residential and has been legally offered to the owner of number 138 Monrovia Street who has had the property since 1984.

The contractor working on the project, KADNA, had to search the land’s status meant for the wall at the Lands Commission. It was confirmed that the property owners had been granted the necessary documentation for that portion of land.

With the results from the search at the Lands Commission, the contractor went to the East Legon Police Station to inform them of the commencement of the project.

Per the search by KADNA on February 12, 2024, owners of number 138 Monrovia Road had been allocated the land for the retaining wall.

Per documents from the Lands Commission to KADNA, the name of Roberta Huppenbaeur, wife of Dr. Daniel McKorley, Chairman of McDan Group did not appear anywhere as the owner of the said land.

The KADNA workmen who were terrified by the action of the disgruntled officers are calling on the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to look into the matter because they were on the land to perform a legitimate duty.

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