The fundamentals are broken! The basics are non-functional. The roots are shattered! The rudiments of scope of work are fractured and have become non-imperative! The elementals have been made to suit the whims and caprices of “few individuals.” To wit, if you sell your father’s land to buy a trumpet, where will you stand to blow it? The thin line we seem to be threading on…

  1. Let the Big Man know we’re gradually growing an Army devoid of passion and servitude!


  1. Let the Big Man know our training schools have become a dome where trainees determine how they want to be trained!


  1. Let the Big Man know our recruitment process only churns out folks “looking for employment” while those ready and willing to serve are sidelined!


  1. Let the Big Man know we’re increasing female participation in the workforce, yet the workload is still same because our “female ladies” have been arguably relegated to the various cookhouses, orderly rooms and Messes only. Emphasis on “arguably!”



  1. Let the Big Man know physical fitness is now underrated in the service. A soldier who isn’t fit? I’m yet to see a Newscaster who also can’t speak good English. Caught the irony?


  1. Let the Big Man know there are Soldiers who haven’t held rifles, least to talk of firing past 5yrs now. In case of emergencies? We are an Army, certainly not a security service!



  1. Let the Big Man know conditions of work and terms of service are fast deteriorating. The reason for the upsurge in “Awol Cases.”


  1. Let the Big Man know the future of the Armed Forces doesn’t look promising. We’ve not recruited, but employed a brigade of hungry looking “workers” only after the “15th Joy.”



  1. Let the Big Man know our armouries are half filled with faulty weapons. Our artilleries can’t fire, our armours can’t move. Let the Big Man know the “Ceremonials” are too much!


  1. Let the Big Man know a lot is happening that I can’t possibly pen down in this write up, because “I love my life…”

If the foundation of a building isn’t strong, great is its destruction!

To overcome some of these menaces, let’s first check how we enlist people, how they’re trained, how they finally join us and how they begin their early years of service…

#Ghana certainly deserves better!