Happy New Month, its Teethlicious Day, on this day we talk about the “Tooth”, and nothing but the “Tooth”. 

Christmas season is in the air! I hope you can feel it and you are as excited as I am. We all know Christmas season is a time a lot of us let go of self-control, chill, relax with family and friends, share gifts and we know most importantly lotsssss of food and drinks are consumed over the Christmas period, so it’s important to be teethliciously prepared for this season! Dr Oyaks brings to you the twelve days of Teethlicious Christmas, Read, Enjoy and Share!

On the 1st day of Christmas my true love sent to me: A tooth in my Oral cavity.

The best gift this Christmas season is to have your own natural teeth still present in your mouth. Ready to devour and savour all the upcoming delicacies. I believe the tooth is a precious gem like a diamond in our mouth. If a diamond is forever, a tooth is forever also. Let’s make a brief comparison with Diamond so you can fully appreciate the precious gems in your mouth our true love sent to us. The tooth is the hardest substance in the human body, and it contains the highest percentage of minerals. Diamond is the hardest naturally (God-made) occurring substance found on earth.

The diamond shape is said to have a crown and a pavilion, the tooth also has a crown and a root. Diamonds are judged on several factors that determine their beauty. If you have ever purchased a diamond, you would have heard of the “4Cs” cut, clarity, carat and color.  When a diamond is cut, facets are created, and the diamond’s finished shape is determined. The teeth have already been cut into incisors, canines, premolars and molar shapes.

I can’t talk about diamonds without talking about the sparkling effect, now stop for a minute and smile at someone, they automatically respond to the sparkle. Picture a face without teeth, won’t you agree that the presence of teeth in a smile brightens the face? Aren’t the teeth, the “bling-bling” to the face?

Now let’s find out what my true love sent on the second day of Teethlicious Christmas

On the 2nd day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Two sets of teeth.

Teeth are among the most distinctive (and long-lasting) features of mammal species. Humans, like other mammals, are diphyodont, meaning that they develop two sets of teeth.

Humans usually have 20 primary (deciduous, “baby” or “milk”) teeth and 32 permanent (adult) teeth. Among deciduous (baby) teeth, 10 are found in the maxilla (upper jaw) and 10 in the mandible (lower jaw), for a total of 20. They usually start to erupt from around the age of six months until 3 years of age.

The permanent teeth are the second set of teeth formed. At the age of 6, they start to appear (erupt) to replace the baby teeth which become loose and fall off to be saved by a Teethlicious fairy. Most children have 28 of their permanent teeth by age 13 years. The last of the permanent teeth to appear are called “third molars,” or “wisdom teeth.” They usually begin to erupt between ages 17 and 21 years. Among permanent teeth, 16 are found in the maxilla (upper jaw) and 16 in the mandible (lower jaw), for a total of 32.

What an amazing gift to have two sets of teeth, the first set and baby stage, I usually call the forgiving stage, our true love is indeed fair no matter what happens to the baby teeth you will be forgiven and another one will appear to replace. The second stage where we need to be vigilant and upgrade our oral health care and correct the mistakes made in the first stage, because once they are lost to disease or neglect, they are lost forever and you have to pay for the third set of teeth (artificial).

In this month of December, the remaining gifts our true love sent to us for Teethlicious Christmas will be revealed. Stay tuned with Dr Oyaks.

Thanks for reading and spread the love. Jesus is the Reason for the Season! Stay Connected to the Vine, Stay Gorgeous & Stay Professional.