GRA Boss Stirs Anger


….With Error-Ridden Statement on Labianca at Blindside of Board

The Commissioner General of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Rev. Dr. Ammishaddai Owusu-Amoah, has been caught in a huge controversy over a statement he released on the Special Prosecutor’s work on the Labianca case.

The GRA boss issued a statement dissociating the board and management from certain pronouncements that the Customs Commissioner, Colonel (Retired) Kwadwo Damoah, had made in connection with the Labianca case.

It is turning out that the statement was indeed issued without the consent of all the board and management members of the GRA.

The error-ridden statement was issued by the Commissioner-General at the time the board had not met, as the last time the GRA board met was on July 14, 2022.

The only meeting that was held before Rev. Dr. Owusu-Amoah’s statement was one between the Legal Committee and Human Resource Department of the GRA.

The board members are in a kind of confused state, as they do not actually know the members whom the Commissioner General spoke with before coming out with his statement.

To all intents and purposes, five out of nine board members should be present before the board could take crucial decisions, but there was nothing like that before the Commissioner General issued his statement.

Again, the GRA management members had not met before the statement was released by the GRA boss, as the Customs Commissioner and other top management members were in Kumasi for a retreat when he made those pronouncements on the Labianca matter.

In the haste to release the statement, the Commissioner-General committed an error in the opening paragraph of his statement.

Before releasing that statement, Rev. Dr. Owusu-Amoah was at a funeral in Kumasi on Saturday and flew to Accra on Sunday to release his statement.

Sources within the GRA board have it that there have been consultations among them and nobody seems to know who the Commissioner-General spoke with before releasing his statement.

It is recalled that Col. Damoah made certain pronouncements against the Special Prosecutor, Mr. Kissi Agyebeng, after the release of a report on investigations involving the Labianca Company.

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