Dampare Lobbied for IGP Job …Through ‘Goro’ Boys


The proverbial cat is finally out of the bag as it has emerged that Dr. George Akuffo Dampare feverishly lobbied for the Inspector General of Police (IGP) job through middlemen.

The latest revelation makes nonsense the IGP’s earlier claim that nobody played any role or lobbied for him to secure the police top job.

DAYBREAK sources have it that the IGP even promised the said ‘Goro boys’ “a vehicle and a house each as well as police enlistment slots and contracts if we help him become the IGP.”

“We arranged and met at Airport Shell, Burger King. At the said meeting, Dr. Dampare promised to make us rich if we are able to help him become the next IGP. According to him since we were party boys and know a lot of party big men, we should introduce him to them so that they can lobby for him to be made the IGP” sources claiming to have played a role in the IGP job said.

The source said Chairman Bugri Naabu, the former Northen Regional Chairman of the NPP also acted in the interest of the IGP.

In the view of the source, in 2019, one Boyoo received a phone call from Dr. Dampare.

It said Dr. Dampare introduced himself as a Police Officer at the headquarters and that he got Boyoo’s number from someone who told him that they worked at the residency of the President.

The source narrates “Dr. Dampare informed us that he would like us to assist him meet the President, His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo and that he has a very important information to share with the President. “

According to the source this same “Boyoo was working at the jubilee House whiles, Ofori was working at the President’s residence. We were initially skeptical about Dr. Dampare’s proposal, so we agreed to meet him in person first.”

“Accordingly, we arranged and met him at Nima Infront of the President’s residence”, it noted.

Nima Meeting

At the meeting, “we requested Dr. Dampare to show us his card to prove his rank and identity. We also told him that we will show the card to President’s assistant so that he would know the details of Dr. Dampare. He sent one Kamal who he was with at that time to get us his card to that effect.”

The source continued: “During our meeting with Dr. Dampare, he informed us that terrorists were planning to attack Accra Mall so he wants to inform the president about it. We wondered why a big policeman like him would want to see the president about this alleged impending attack when he could address it with the then IGP. He told us that the then IGP was aware of the issue but he has refused to brief the president on it.”

This, the source indicated compelled them to make arrangement for Dr. Dampare to meet the President, stressing ““As regards the discussions that he had with the president we were not privy to.”

The source further revealed that in about a month later, Dr. Dampare called again that he wanted to meet us.

From there, “we started building a relationship with him. Even on one occasion we arranged and met Dr. Dampare at Police Depo upon his invitation. From time to time, we meet at Lizzy Sports Complex at East Legon to interact. “