Brigadier General Kotia: Ghana’s national security structure apt


Brigadier General (Dr) Emmanuel Kotia, a lecturer in Defence Studies and National Security issues at the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College (GAFCSC) and UPSA, said Ghana’s national security structure is in tune with international standards and well thought out.

Speaking to Kwaku Agyeman-Budu on Asaase Radio’s flagship political and news analysis show, The Forum, on Saturday 22 May 2021, Brigadier General Kotia, said the framers of the new Security and Intelligence Agencies Act, 2020 (Act 1030) did a comprehensive review of the previous security agencies Act, Act 526, which ensured that Act 1030 establishes a strong national security apparatus as it exists now.

He explained that a critical look at the current Security and Intelligence Agencies Act, 2020 (Act 1030) clearly defines the composition of the country’s security architecture and the responsibilities of office holders under the Act such as the National Security Minister, the National Security Coordinator and Director Generals of each of the National intelligence Agencies.

Stressing further on his position, General Kotia indicated that the Ministry of National Security has three agencies under it and they are the National Intelligence Bureau, the Research Department and the National Signals Bureau and all of them have clearly defined roles stipulated in the Act that established them (Act 1030 and 1040).

“I don’t think we need to rush for any reforms,” General Kotia, who doubles as the National Coordinator of the Ghana Boundary Commission, said.

He added: “What we need to do is to understand and implement the provisions in the Security and Intelligence Agencies Act. There is the need to understand the key provisions of Act 1030 by actors. The public and all interest groups should be educated on the provisions of the Act and the concept of National Security.”

He said that the Act was well thought out before it was amended and there are so many issues in the Act if applied and implemented will present clarity on issues of National Security in Ghana.