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Spreading The Butter Evenly…

THE PUBLISHER has taken note of the rising complaints from members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) across the country and the continuous nature of it and the paper is getting convinced there is something not right somewhere.

The complaints have come, not only from the grass roots but also from people who are in leadership positions at the constituency and even sometimes the regional levels. A few Parliamentarians are also complaining.

Experience has taught us that it would be political foolhardiness to conclude that all the complainants are crying wolf where there is none. The simultaneous complaints cannot be a rehearsed or manipulated one. Something needs to be done about it and done with a sense of urgency.

Perhaps those who are not feeling the pinch of joblessness may conclude the complaints are baseless.

It is said that he who feels it knows it all.

It is understandable that a constituency officer that gets inundated with pressure for jobs from his constituents would get frustrated at a point and start complaining because the jobs are literally nonexistent.

Our friends at the constituency and regional levels, sometimes even Parliamentarians open up to us on the frustrations they go through simply because the party machinery is not well “oiled”.

The absence of the much needed “oil” to lubricate the political machinery is causing some loud squeaking and friction. It is making driving the party machinery difficult if not risky.

Something needs to be done about it.

The NPP has spent over a year in government. 12 months is enough time to get settled and do the needful.

The pleas of “hold on”, “hold on”, is becoming an annoying cliché.

For how long can a people hold on before they get disillusioned, disenchanted and discouraged?

Once upon a time in the history of the NPP, there lived a National Chairman called Harrona Esseku. He was a good and active party chairman that became frustrated because of lack of logistics to run the party.

Out of frustration, he opened his mouth wider than he ought to and the outcome caused the party a huge avoidable catastrophe.

After a year, the sweet wind of political victory should start blowing across the country and on everyone not withstanding their political colour.

It is worrying if the complaints are rather loudest in NPP quarters.

And oh yeas, THE PUBLISHER would not gloss over this. We refuse to remain mute.

We are watchdogs and not lapdogs.

We would be doing a great disservice to ourselves and the governing party if we, in the name of not wanting to offend, keep mute over such important matters.

We call on those who matter to let the butter spread evenly across board.


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