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Soldiers Laud Military Dons

….For Investigating Sea Freight Fraud

Personnel and men of the Ghana Armed Forces are applauding the Military High Command, especially, the Ghana Army for instituting a Board of Inquiry (BOI) to investigate allegations of fraud against the Commanding Officer of GHANBATT 83.

Names of affected Commanding Officers in possession DAYBREAK will be revealed shortly.

The investigations are line with government commitment to fight corruption in all spheres of public life even as it motivates hardworking citizens to work even harder in helping develop the nation.

According to DAYBREAK sources in the Ghana Armed Forces, one of the responsibilities of the CO is to check and arrange sea freight forwarders for soldiers on completion of their missions. In carrying out such responsibilities, the CO in charge of the contingent fleeces soldiers by faking invoices and receipts or inflating original invoices created by companies that are supposed to ship down soldiers’ baggage and cargo.

Whilst the specific amounts involved are yet be to determined by DAYBREAK, preliminary information reaching us is that it could run into thousands of dollars for each UNIFIL GHANBATT.

So revealing and explosive was the investigations that soldiers are applauding the High Command and asking for the investigations to be conducted into previous GHANBATT, including 82, 81, 80, 79 and downwards and at the same time demanding that the paymasters of the GHANBATTs be equally be investigated.

Recently, the Ghana Military Police are investigating cases in which some officers and men are paid Family Lodging Allowance (FLA), are on record to be living in military quarters with their families.

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