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Righting the wrongs – Bridging the gender inequality gap

Fellow Ghanaians,

Ghana is under attack!

The global culture wars are upon us and the enemy, the Global Homosexual Lobby (GHL), is at its desperate best, doing everything possible, and using every possible means, to conquer and dominate us – just as their European ancestors did 500 years ago.

We must fight back!

While we’re preoccupied with basic everyday things like getting clean water or good roads and affordable health care, the GHL, assisted by their local agents of corrupt journalists, lawyers and “civil society activists”, is interested in something else completely unrelated to our development needs.

It is a racist war, financed and carefully-coordinated by Euro-American NGOs like the New York-based Human Rights Watch, major western media houses like the Independent and New York Times, and “international development organisations” like the United Nations.  They have no regard whatsoever for the history, social preferences, and political realities of their target countries.

Their mission? To “civilise those backward Africans to the joys of homosexuality.”

This is what Ghanaian MP Ras Mubarak calls “cultural imperialism”. Otherwise, how could a small group of Euro-Americans, backed by powerful financial interests and Hollywood types, insist that because THEY have legalised something, WE must also do same or face their wrath?

Like all wars, this one too is driven by propaganda, which has disguised it as a “human rights” campaign. The tag line is that it’s all about “two consenting adults” and what they do in the privacy of their homes.  You hear their local agents repeat that endlessly and mindlessly.

But that’s just a pretext. Their ultimate aim is global cultural domination, with the imposition of values from their part of the world on other societies in other parts whether they like it or not.

Beyond the facade of “consenting adults” is the bigger agenda of promoting same-sex marriage and disrupting the social order by encouraging things like men wearing women’s clothes and insisting that they have the right to use the same public bathrooms as little girls and real women.

This is the madness that the GHL is desperately seeking to ram down our throats, with the support of some misguided Ghanaian “intellectuals” and “activists”.

The GHL must be reminded that while marriage may be a private affair between individuals, it is also a social institution. Hence, every society must have the sovereign right, based on the wishes of its people, to define what constitutes marriage – without the kind of aggressive and racist interference that we’re witnessing from the GHL.

In the U.S.A., they have exercised this right by legalising homosexual marriage but refusing to recognise polygamous marriage, which the federal government describes as being “against public policy”.  In other words, the Americans think it’s okay for a man to have unnatural sex with another man, but unacceptable for a man to have natural sex with multiple women.

That is their right.  The fact that Human Rights Watch is not doing videos about the persecution of polygamists in America means they support America’s sovereign right to make such decisions.

In Ghana, we have legalised polygamy but refuse to recognise homosexual marriage.  It is also our sovereign right to have social arrangements of our own choosing based on our own experiences and collective will.

Who then determines which arrangement is better and must be imposed on others?  Whose Values should drive a country’s development?  Who gave Human Rights Watch the electoral mandate to tell Ghanaians how they should live their lives?

We owe it to the likes of Yaa Asantewaa, that fearless warrior of Ejisu who took on British imperialism, to fight the GHL and preserve our right to develop our country according to our own values and aspirations.

But to be successful in this fight back, we must first understand the history, motivations and strategies of the enemy, the GHL.


Up until the 1970s, homosexuality was considered a mental disorder in America and the rest of the western world.  This did not prevent white men from mounting each other like dogs, literally,  in these countries, leading to the AIDS crisis in the 1980s.

The same white men, mostly actors, musicians and other entertainers in America, lobbied the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association to remove homosexuality from their list of mental disorders.  Homosexuals on these associations secretly assisted these efforts.

But the stigma of homosexuality, and the social resistance to it, especially among Black Americans, remained strong. Americans still viewed homosexuality as nasty.   To overcome this, the homosexual lobby decided to cast its cause as one of “human rights” similar to the Civil Rights of Black Americans in the 1960s, and not an attempt to normalize the abnormal.

With this, they managed to cast any criticism of homosexuality as opposition to “human rights”.  They also began financing political and other campaigns – including the election of judges (as they do in America) to win sympathy in America’s legal system.

This homosexual lobby, by now calling themselves Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT), ultimately played a key role in the election of Barack Obama, using millions of dollars raised from Hollywood’s homosexual community.  As a reward, Obama appointed homosexuals to his administration and even invited some for a sleep over at the White House.

With their victories at home, the homosexual lobby decided to export their values and lifestyle abroad, and Obama had no choice but to support them.  He appointed an assistant Secretary of State, Randy Berry, with a special budget to use U.S. embassies abroad as breeding grounds for homosexual agitation (We are already seeing that in Ghana).

Black activists often say that Obama did more for homosexuals than he did for American Blacks, that while he and his wife were quick to embrace homosexuals openly, they were largely quiet over police brutality against Blacks.

With the election of Trump, the LGBT lobby made sure Berry was retained.  Every year, he is given millions of dollars to wage the kind of war that the GHL is now waging against Ghana.

The GHL is primarily a Euro-American creation, stretching from North America to New Zealand, with recruits of various races sprinkled along the way to give it some semblance of global legitimacy.  But make no mistake about it racist orientation.  It is a white supremacist movement on a global scale.


The strategies the GHL uses in their culture wars are many. I list only a few here. We need to be alert to the others.

United States: As noted above, its embassies serve as meeting grounds for local recruits in these cultural wars.  This of course amounts to an interference in a country’s domestic affairs, the same thing the Americans are accusing the Russians of doing.

2. Ambush journalism:  A classic example is Nana Addo’s recent interview with Al Jazeera, where the GHL planted a question on homosexuality.  Lots of money is spent on such ambush journalism and as the president travels around the world, we should see more of that. While he worries about potable water for his people, the GHL wants him to focus on their cause – homosexuality.

3. Local agents/traitors:  Some Ghanaian journalists and social commentators are on the payroll of the GHL.  Their mandate is to “keep Ghanaians talking about homosexuality in order to desensitize them”. The Peace Council is the latest to fall for this trick.

4. International NGOs:  The recent release of a video by Human Rights Watch claiming to show the persecution of homosexuals in Ghana, and the simultaneous coverage of the video in western papers like the Independent, is all carefully orchestrated to put Ghana on the defensive. Never mind that the people in the video would say anything to get visas to travel abroad, with the excuse that they are persecuted. They would even disown their own mothers if that’s what it would take to get a visa.

5. The United Nations:  Unknown to most Ghanaians, the United Nations has been quietly promoting the agenda of the GHL in Ghana, particularly through UNFPA. For example, the U.N. wants the Ministry of Education to replace “sex education” with “Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE)”, with the ultimate objective of printing textbooks that emphasise “sexuality” and depict same-sex marriages homosexuality as normal for our children to aspire to.

In October 2015, UNFPA organised a workshop for “stakeholders” at the University of Cape Coast, supposedly to discuss teenage pregnancy but in fact meant to lay the ground work for “Sexual Health and Rights” (Under “Rights”, our children will be taught about homosexual rights).

The UN’s current attempt in Ghana is to “support LGBT activities” with money from the U.S. State Department and various NGOs fronting for the GHL. The Nana Addo government is said to have rejected that, with the President angrily telling the U.N. boss during a meeting at FH, “I report to Ghanaians, not you”.

6.  Television. If you think the programmes your children are watching on Disney and Nickelodeon are “wholesome,” think again.  Many of the stories are written by homosexuals and they ensure that homosexual messages are transmitted through them.

7. Movies and the media:  Some of the leading celebrities, such as the producer of Empire, as well as journalists, are open homosexuals.  They therefore use their professions to promote favourite stories and attack anyone who opposes.  All major media houses, such as the New York Times and CNN, carry pro-homosexual stories regularly in what seems like a deliberate policy of propaganda warfare.

When you see stories in these media outlets, or their journalists pressing African leaders in interviews on homosexuality, just remember that these are not isolated incidents. They are well coordinated and the “journalists” involved, either local or foreign, are sufficiently paid by the GHL.  That’s how manipulative they are.

Quietly, many European leaders are worried about the effects of legitimizing homosexuality on their population policies as their birth rates are falling and there needs to be more, not less, heterosexual sex to reverse that. Lower birth rates means there would be fewer workers in the future, economic growth will slow, poverty will rise in the rich countries,  and living standards will fall.

Their policy makers know this but they keep quiet for fear of being called homophobes, a term the homosexual lobby uses to discourage any frank discussion of the wider long-term implications of their movement and lifestyles.

On the quiet, Spain recently announced a Minister for Sex to promote heterosexual sex and reverse their declining birth rates.

Such is the tyranny of the homosexual lobby, which now has been given cover by the United States government and the United Nations to export that tyranny to the rest of the world under the guise of “human rights”, with threats to withhold foreign aid from those who challenge them.

With this information, I now call on Ghanaians and Africans to rise up by any means necessary to fight the Global Homosexual Lobby, which is bent on destroying the social order in our beloved country and continent.

The very survival of humanity is at stake.


Prof.  J.  K. Mensah Cultural Warrior in the Service of Ghana and Humanity

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