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OB Akwa, what the heck is General RK Ametepi still doing in active service?

Members of the Patriotic Concerned Officers and Men (PACOM) continue to express their worries and fears about the developments in the security services. There is a general sense of inertia, inaction and desperation in the security community over real changes in the system for the betterment of our dear nation, Ama Ghana, and the terms and conditions of service of security personnel had been high.

It had been hoped that officers and men of “REAL INTEGRITY” and not cosmetic or camouflaged “window dressed resurrected born agains” would be put at the helm of affairs. Perhaps the members of PACOM may count on the integrity, sincerity and professionalism of the current Chief of Defence Staff and the Chief of Army Staff in trying to get issues and matters engaging the attention and concerns of the majority of the ordinary service personnel resolved in a progressive and positive manner.

However, no matter the goodwill, good intentions and good plans hatched by and promoted in the interest of the two Generals par excellence, their efforts are being thwarted by and at the instance of members and representatives of the NDC and their numerous cabals at both strategic and tactical levels. The enemies of the NPP are the ones occupying all or most of the sensitive positions in our security services and they are using those appointments and positions to sabotage the NPP administration of their Excellencies, Nana Addo and Dr. Alhaji Bawumia.

All these enemies of the NPP are trying hard to “rebrand” themselves as patriotic Ghanaians working professionally in the security services. They (enemies of the NPP) know, as well as the members of PACOM know that they (the rebranded enemies of the NPP) are pretenders to the highest apogee. They are opportunists and vampires eating with their hands and feet in all regimes relying on falsehood, misrepresentations and most importantly the weakness in the fortitude of the NPP.

Conscious of the extra caution exercised by officials of the NPP administration, the NDC is using their best known weapons of propaganda, deceit, lies, blackmail, false accusations, defamation, destruction and the creation of insecurity, instability and general fear in the society to their advantage.

The continuous retention of most of these NDC appointees is detrimental to the interest of the government and the NPP as a party. The general feeling is that the NPP has been given the constitutional mandate to rule as a result of their sterling performance at the 2016 elections while the NDC continues to control the wealth, resources and the systems (both public and private) in Ghana. It is very sad that the NDC has managed to prevent the NPP from putting their loyalists with the requisite acumen, competences, skills and abilities in the strategic and tactical positions of the public administration system.

All the ministries, departments, agencies and authorities are still being run and manipulated by the NDC. At best, what the NPP has managed to do is to change a few “officers” and “officials” at the apex of the structures while all the important positions immediately beneath in the middle and at the base are all inclined towards and sympathetic to the NDC.

The situation is the same for most of the security services, the public service, national and local government systems.

The sad aspect of all these developments is the fact that the NDC is now calling the shots while the NPP runs for cover with no assurance or guarantee of protection. The NDC moles and officials in the public administration system in general, and the security services in particular, are making life very uncomfortable for members, supporters and sympathizers of the NPP.

The NDC gurus know the NPP inclined public officers owing to the tensions and arguments that characterized the 2012 election petition and 2016 elections. Both sides know one another and where their political persuasions lie. It is therefore very easy for the NDC appointment holders to deal drastically with the NPP followers or sympathizers.

Some of the weapons being used by these NDC officials is unreasonable disciplinary actions, denial of promotions, postings and transfers of NPP members while the well known NDC faithful suffer no punishments, gets rewarded and promoted to their next higher ranks and grades with cheeky ease and stay at or get posted or transferred to their preferred posts and appointments to the chagrin of the NPP loyalists.

Furthermore, these known NDC officials and their supporters are ridiculing and teasing their NPP counterparts. For instance, at even the Flagstaff House (seat of the Presidency), the National Security Secretariat, the Headquarters of the BNI, the Police Administration, Military High Command, General Headquarters, the Ministries of Defence and Interior, the NDC is over represented at the expense of the NPP.

Very loyal officers and men of all the security services who “killed themselves” to have the NPP and Nana Addo voted into power have either been marginalized or ignored and are therefore walking about with very low morale while the NDC  members, who did everything humanly possible to deny the NPP victory, are the ones reaping where others have sown.

Family members of those known NPP members who fought the NDC gallantly in barracks, offices and in the field have also not been spared. Wives and children of NPP followers or sympathizers are being compared to their NDC counterparts. The economic circumstances and general well-being of these members of the community who hold diametrically opposite views have come under the scrutiny of keen observers.

The general feeling is that those associated with the NDC enjoyed and are still enjoying so well. Most of the soldiers, and policeman (indeed officers and men of the security services) who performed duties for the NDC at the various locations during the Mills/Mahama administration had tangible and visible booty to show. They had all kinds of vehicles allocated to them. Some of them had two or more vehicles (Cross County 4×4 vehicles and Saloon cars). Most of them are still keeping those vehicles and are riding in them with impunity.

They are openly displaying their ill-gotten wealth while the NPP supporters continue to languish in poverty and challenges. Most of those security personnel associated with the NDC have buildings, plots, stores, estate houses and various forms of business to their credit. They have thus insured and guaranteed their future. But can the same be said of the followers of the NPP in our community? The ANSWER is A BIG NO.

They are being called upon to continue to make the sacrifices that they made before, during and after the victory of 2016 elections. Yet, there are no assurances, firm promises nor provisions to cater for their legitimate interests, welfare and well-being as the case has always been for the umbrella fraternity.

These omissions, senses of neglect, marginalization and non-recognition have very catastrophic effects on and for the NPP. Some of these loyal, brave, courageous, daring and ever-ready to die for NPP security personnel and supporters are weeping and dying slowly without being captured by the lenses and spectacles of the real power brokers in the NPP.

The Minister of National Security, the National Security Adviser and the Ministers of Defence and Interior could not be bothered by these developments. They are following their selfish interest and are gathering for themselves and members of their families as much as they can before, according to them, it becomes too late while the rank and file perish!!!

With the unhealthy development raging on,  it behoves on members of PACOM, the Obiri Boahens , Chairman Wontumis,  Abronyes and Kennedy Agyapongs to cry for the poor vulnerable NPP sympathizers and followers who are being devoured all over without any institutional (party wise) or personal interventions and guarantees.

In these circumstances, members of PACOM have volunteered to bring some of those negative occurrences to the fore of our community’s platform for open, frank and passionate discussion. In this regard, our focal lenses would fall on the current Director General Medical Services of Ghana Armed Forces, Brigadier General Ralph Kojo Ametepi (GH/2284)

Brigadier General RK Ametepi has 9th September 1956 as his official date of birth. He was commissioned into the Medical Corps on 14th August 1987. He had his two last major appointments and promotions as follows:

Promote Colonel on 8th August 2007

Promoted Brigadier General on 28th August 2014 and was appointed Commander 37 Military Hospital on the same date (28th August 2014)

Appointed Director General Medical Services on 2nd March 2016 to replace Brigadier General Mahama Alhassan (GH/ 2204)

Brigadier General RK Ametepi has arrogated to himself various powers as the Director General Ghana Armed Forces Medical Service. In fact he has usurped some of the powers of the Commander 37 Military Hospital. Powers and privileges that he enjoyed while he was the Commander of 37 Military Hospital between 28th August 2014 and 2nd March 2016, he has flagrantly denied same to his successor who is the incumbent Commander of the country’s premier Military Hospital.

Brigadier General RK Ametepi is alleged to have precipitated the retirement of Brigadier General M Alhassan and Colonel Samuel Otis Bel- Nono (GH/ 2238) who were his seniors.

With 10th May 1955 as his official birth date, Brigadier General M Alhassan was retired compulsory in 2016 for having passed his 60th birthday anniversary. Fearing that he might be caught by age, it is alleged that the “forces” behind Brigadier General RK Ametepi put pressure on then President Mahama to push out his own countryman to bring in Nyebro in order to gain the votes of the NDC world-bank.

With 2016 as an election year, the former President willingly accepted the compulsory retirement of Brigadier General M Alhassan and the simultaneous appointment of Brigadier General RK Ametepi as the Director General Medical Services (DG Med) of the Ghana Armed Forces.

What members of PACOM are demanding is a fair deal for Brigadier General Ernest Cosby Saka (GH/2281) and Colonel Michael Akwasi Yeboah- Agyapong (GH/ 2287).

Firstly, Brigadier General RK Ametepi who is about to reach his 61st birthday anniversary on 09 September 2017 must give way to Brigadier General EC Saka so that Colonel  MA Yeboah-Agyapong could also be elevated to the  status of Commander 37 Military Hospital  with the commensurate rank of Brigadier General.

In effect, members of PACOM are  demanding equity, fairness and natural justice for Colonel MA Yeboah-Agyapong as he Brigadier General RK Ametepi did for then Colonel Christopher Akwasi Agbeka (GH/2282) in November 2016 (to be precise on 2nd  November 2016).

Brigadier General RK Ametepi and his colleagues ensured that then Colonel CK Agbeka was appointed the Commander of the Kumasi Military Hospital (which is yet to start operations) and promoted Brigadier General as well in order to guarantee him an additional heir apparent status had the NDC won the 2016 elections.

Some pertinent pieces of information may help to make a strong case for Colonel MA Yeboah-Agyapong.

Firstly, Brigadier General EC Saka and Colonel MA Yeboah are REAL SPECIALISTS recognized as FELLOWS by the appropriate Medical and Dental Colleges of Surgeons and Physicians in West Africa and the Commonwealth unlike some others who have fictitious documents from countries “X, Y, Z”.

If the authorities were to put some of the ‘so- called specialists’ in the system to strict enquiry, the results could be disastrous for the image of the Medical Corps and the Ghana Armed Forces. It is worthy to note that both Brigadier General EC Saka and Colonel MA Yeboah-Agyapong are Examiners of their appropriate Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons and must therefore be recognized as such.

Secondly, the history of the promotions of Brigadier Generals EC Saka, RK Ametepi and Colonel MA Yeboah-Agyapong, at least from Lieutenant Colonel upwards may show that clearly Brigadier General RK Ametepi was given a preferential treatment over the other two and especially Colonel MA Yeboah-Agyapong who was unfairly treated by the NDC administration.

Then Majors Samuel Otis Bel- Nono, Ernest Cosby Saka and Michael Akwasi Yeboah- Agyapong were promoted Lieutenant Colonels on 5th January 2000. Again, the three of them were promoted Colonels on 25th January 2007.

In the case of now Brigadier General RK Ametepi, he was promoted Lieutenant Colonel on 21st December 2000 and Colonel on 8th August 2007. Thus, both Brigadier General EC Saka and Colonel MA Yeboah- Agyapong were promoted Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel earlier than Brigadier General RK Ametepi. Yet, with the NDC in power, Brigadier General RK Ametepi leap- frogged over the two genuine “specialists examiners” and become Brigadier General on 28th August 2014 before one of them Colonel EC Saka was promoted  Brigadier  General on 2nd March 2016 and appointed Commander 37 Military Hospital.

In the case of now Brigadier General EC Saka, he was “lucky” because it was on the same date (2nd March 2016) that two Colonels – Constance Emefa Edjeani- Afenu and Anthony Kwasi Dzisi of the Pay Corps were also promoted Brigadier Generals to await their appointments. It was becoming too obvious that the promotions and appointments had been skewed in favour of a certain “interest group” and therefore they needed a certain level of face- saving measure to assure “the others” that they might also matter hence the promotion of then Colonel EC Saka to Brigadier General.

Unfortunately, the same favour could not be extended to Colonel MA Yeboah -Agyapong, who more than deserves to be promoted Brigadier General as well. It may be grave injustice if Colonel MA Yeboah – Agyapong is denied promotion to the rank of Brigadier General and is retired compulsory on account of age as Brigadier General RK Ametepi has planned.

It was part of the conspiracy hatched by Brigadier General RK Ametepi against Colonel MA Yeboah Agyapong that during the 75th Anniversary Celebrations of the 37 Military Hospital, both Brigadier General EC Saka and Colonel MA Yeboah-Agyapong were marginalized. The anniversary and celebrations were for the 37 Military Hospital and not the Medical Corps per se. it was only proper and befitting to have allowed the Commander and the Commanding Officer of the 37 Military Hospital to play the centre stage of affairs. But what did we see? It was Brigadier General RK Ametepi who stole all the show. He interacted and moved freely with the ministers, dignitaries, VIPS and important guests relegating the Commander and the Commanding Officer of the Hospital to the background.

Brigadier General RK Ametepi wanted to be glorified and seen everywhere so that he could justify his request for extension of his service to the disadvantage of Colonel MA Yeboah- Agyapong.

As if the ill-treatment to Colonel MA Yeboah – Agyapong were not enough, similar maltreatment has been meted out to other equally capable Medical Officers who are very knowledgeable and competent and are therefore seen as a threat to the entrenched order. Those affected are in the Medical and Nursing Services and are considered and seen as NPP sympathizers.

What an irony of fate!! Under the administration of Nana Addo (NPP government) some mafia members of NDC have the audacity to persecute officers and men considered to be sympathizers or members of NPP!!!

Could that happen under the NDC administration?

These same officers and men suffered greatly under the infamous Mills Mahama regimes where and when the Ametepis, Agbekas and others decided the fate of many “vulnerables”.

Today, when the hour of salvation is thought to have arrived, the same “serpents of yester years” are again around showing their venom and devouring loyal and professional officers. It is these occurrences that are putting several members, supporters and sympathizers off. These appear to be little little things but they matter a lot. They create disaffection, despair and desperation. Those who have been put in charge of affairs in the military (especially the Military High Command), whether they were fresh appointees of His Excellency, Nana Addo or retrained Chiefs carried over  from the Mahama administration, must open their  eyes and ears and use fairness and justice to correct some of the anomalies and injustices of the past, especially the immediate past.

Too much of the fear of the NDC is unwanted and very unhelpful. Persons in positions and appointments under Nana Addo still fear the NDC more than the NPP. Why should it be so?

Please be bold as advised by Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings. Please be bold and be counted among “MEN” and make history for yourselves. Leave legacies worthy of emulation. Do not just pass through as some, unfortunately, have done in past. Generals, indeed, fade away but leave monuments, legacies and history behind themselves.

We expect our present crop of Generals to live up to expectations of their times and be counted among “MEN”. If they follow the path of their immediate past predecessors who are alleged to have placed their personal interests above those of the service, the troops they command and the nation that they represent, they could also be part of history but in negative ways.

The troops are aware of all the irregularities and malpractices associated with the incorporation and operations of the Armed Forces Bank (Services Integrity, Savings and Loans Limited Liability Company), the alienation of Armed Forces and public lands for selfish ends, the sole sourcing contracts awarded to friends and family members of the NDC, the looting of funds meant for peace support operations and other forms of misappropriation of Armed Forces and public assets.

The troops are certainly aware of all the plush mansions that are owned by some former and current crop of Generals and officers that cannot be justified by their incomes and terms and conditions of service. They are hiding for now but they should remember that they cannot do so for ever.

A day of reckoning may come one day. The anger in the youth who are mostly either not employed or underemployed may explode. It may not be as General Akwasi Amankwa Afrifah (Okatakyie) cautioned Generals FWK Akuffo, Joshua Hamidu, Odartey-Wellington and others but it could surely come to pass one day in another form

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