National Security operatives slap, handcuff Immigration


    There is tension brewing within the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) following the public humiliation suffered by two Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI) at the hands of suspected National Security Operatives.

    ASI Emmu and his colleague were physically assaulted, handcuffed, and subsequently had their phones and personal belongings ceased whilst in uniform in a spectacle to show power.

    The shocking incident which occurred on Friday, 7th May 2021 is said to have attracted a large crowd of commuters and motorists alike, who watched in disbelief as the Immigration Officers were receiving slaps from the National Security Operatives.

    Shockingly, all these happened in the glaring sight of the Divisional Police Commander by name C/Supt Nana Kumi.

    The National Security Operatives were led by DSP Samuel Azuguh and made up of three uniformed police officers with the rest in plainclothes (mufti).

    This revelation is contained in a report written by Deputy Superintendent of Immigration, Mr. Francis Kofi Apau, the  Asankrangwa District Commander to the Regional Commander of the Ghana Immigration Service.

    The report states that “it is important to note that, the other members of the team in mufti were wearing earrings and grown heavy beards.

    The national security team was all wielding firearms: the leader DSP Azuguh wielded a pistol, the other two uniformed police officers had AK 47 and those in mufti carried pump action guns and pistols. They came in with two Toyota land cruisers with registration numbers WR 2109-21 and VR 3492-16 and a Nissan pickup with registration number AC 1892-19.”

    Continuing, Asankrangwa District Commander said “the attack on the Immigration Officers was unwarranted and we take strong exception to that. We humbly plead with management to investigate the issues concerning the attack on the Immigration Officers”.

    DAYBREAK has it that the beating of the Immigration Officers came at weekly meetings of the National Security Council.

    “I’m not ready to answer to anything so whatever you want, you can write” was the response DAYBREAK got when DSP Samuel Azuguh was contacted.