EIB Staff fret over unpaid salaries


Staff of one of Ghana’s biggest media empires, Excellence In Broadcasting (EIB) Network say they are reeling under severe economic hardships after they have worked for one full year without salary.

According to the dejected staff, the inability of the company to pay them salaries has resulted in them not being able to discharge their responsibilities including taking care of their dependents. Others on the other hand have had their marriages on the rocks with some actually getting divorced by their wives due to the lack of money to run their homes. The staff say they have had enough of the hardship and frustration and it was about time the Management stopped taking them for granted and devise a comprehensive plan to pay them their salaries.

“Management has not demonstrated that it is committed to pay the salary arrears owed us. The situation is worsening by the day. Despite the financial difficulties we find ourselves in, we still work hard to the best of our ability to keep both our TV and radio stations operational and very competitive. If Management wakes up one fine morning and finds out that both our TV and Radio presenters have boycotted work, maybe then they will sit up and find money to pay us. I’m very sure we’ll sooner than later get there. We believe so much in the EIB Network Vision and so we’re working hard to make the company succeed but we can’t continue to work on an empty stomach,” a staff said under the condition of anonymity.

Another staff said: “the non-payment of salaries has turned some of us who have no other means of income into beggars. We always have to beg others to enable us take care of our families and this is eroding our self-confidence and dignity. Some of my colleagues who are owing people so much have sadly developed high blood pressure because they are always thinking and having sleepless nights.”

The staff asked the Management to fix the salary issue now or they will advise themselves in the coming days.

The Chief Executive Officer of EIB Network, Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi aka Bola Ray at the 2019 edition of iYes event, revealed that he had not been able to pay his workers for seven (7) months.

EIB Network has for nearly three years dismissed over 120 staff from its outlets in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi and Nkawkaw but the company keeps struggling to pay salaries.

About EIB Network

With head office in Ghana’s capital, Accra, the company was founded in August 2014, the media group operates Starr FM, Live Xtra, Kasapa FM, GHOne TV and Agoo TV (all in Accra); Ultimate FM and Abusua FM (in Kumasi); Empire FM and Radio 360 (in Takoradi), Agoo FM (in Nkawkaw) and the Daily Heritage Newspaper (also in Accra). The company also runs digital group, EIB Digital.