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Cyber Crime Case: Let’s go after the President says Adam Bona & ACP Agordzor

….Says Let’s Go After The President

How disloyal some of Ghana’s police officers are to the ruling administration is captured in a leaked platform chat among some members of the security fraternity.

The platform, named Ghana Police Watch, was ostensibly created to share information on national security issues and involves major stakeholders in the security arena.

In the dodgy conversation, Adam Kaziyiri Bona, who claims he is a security expert, is captured writing to colleagues on the platform to go after the President.

Then he adds: “My brother, on this issue lets go after the President. He is the one we elected and so he is accountable to us. 21st century Ghana? I thought the bad dark days were gone”.

DAYBREAK sources indicate the conversation took place in early July.

The issue under discussion is the current brouhaha about some journalists alleged to be hacking information on competitors in the media industry.

Then, in response, we have a police officer serving on a UN Mission, ACP Agordzor, taking a swipe at the President, saying: “I agree. The President must bear ultimate responsibility for this. Let’s all remember we have the principle of ultimate responsibility in international criminal law, which I believe the President knows very well. Hmmmm”

Then Agordzor continues, “Unless the President speaks against this incident, I’ll take it that he has condoned it”

The incident comes in the wake of high-stake preparations on the part of the entire security services apparatus, including the Ghana Police Service, to contain an explosive national demonstration to be held next week by the opposition National Democratic Congress.

It also questions the loyalty of police officers in handling professional issues. It also impugns the integrity of a national security expert who should be an example in diplomacy on such delicate matters.

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