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Blame corruption on poor law enforcement – Mustapha Hamid

The Minister of Information, Mustapha Hamid, has said that corruption thrives in the country due to the inability to enforce laws.

He made this statement during a public lecture at the Islamic University College.

According to him, the enforcement of laws in Ghana is a possible solution to the social bane known as corruption since the punishment of culprits would serve as a deterrent to others.

“The difference between societies where wrong is minimal and our society is that laws are enforced in those societies. I can tell you no matter how much you litter Ghana when you go to London, you dare not throw banana peels on the ground; you won’t try it. Because you know that when you do, the laws will apply,” he said.

“It is not so much our reading the Bible or swearing by the Bible. It is whether people who are leading us can be firm and enforce the law. Otherwise, it is human nature to be deviant,” he added.

The Minister for Information also debunked claims that religion is linked with morality.

“Religion is not morality. People are afraid of the police, but they are not afraid of Allah. Human beings, generally, are prone to evil. Ethical cores are meant to help us to guide us towards moral excellence. People will swear by the Bible, they will swear by the Quran. They will still do wrong”, Mr. Hamid stated.

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