Be more studious if you are keen on excellence – Bingley tells women

Head of Corporate Affairs at Millicom Ghana limited, Gifty Bingley

Head of Corporate Affairs at Millicom Ghana Limited, operators of Tigo, Gifty Bingley is urging women with ambitions of working as Public Relation Officers to distinguish themselves with knowledge and skills to be successful in the Public Relation (PR) space.

Mrs Bingley who described the profession as a return on investment and conservation profession remarked that to excel in the PR profession one must be a wonted reader, dexterous writer and astute communicator.

“PR is not necessarily what you’ve read from the textbook. Ones you get into the profession read everything around it. It matters to read everything as a PR, especially for the field you want to venture in. If you to work as PR in the banking sector, read and understand the numbers. Read everything about the company.”

Speaking at the Women in PR Ghana seminar held in Accra on the topic ‘Transitioning from another career into PR’, Gifty Bingley further pressed women at the seminar to be innovative and develop programmes and projects that enhance the image of their company.

“PR profession is a performance conversation. It a return on investment conversation. If you are an excellent performer your manager will give you more. Your success is linked to your performance. Do not wait to be assigned to a task before you start working. Draft a presentation on your company’s strength and weakness and make a recommendation.”

After sharing her vast experience in journalism and corporate communication management Mrs Bingley also counselled women to get proper training in the PR profession through schooling, internship and mentors.

There are some many career angles to working as a Public Relations Officer Mrs Bingley said, adding that PRs should have ample knowledge about marketing, administration and management.