There seems to be no end in sight for the impasse between the Muslim community in the country and some Christian groups over the decision by authorities of the Wesley Girls’ Senior High School to prevent Muslim students from fasting during Ramadan.

Leading figures from both religious sects continue to trade words with neither side willing to backdown.

Last week, the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG), and the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference (GCBC) issued a statement supporting the decision by the school and the Methodist Church.

But Muntaka Mubarak, member of the Muslim caucus in Parliament has criticized the groups for displaying hatred against Muslims.

The Asawase MP believes that the stance taken by the school with the support of the Methodist Church equates to discrimination which is against the laws of this country.

He urged well-thinking Ghanaians to condemn the conduct by the school and show tolerance to other religions.

“It is disappointing that the Christian Council and the Conference of Catholic Bishops will support bigotry and hatred. This is pure hatred, and we believe that our country has passed this stage. We will not tolerate this.”

“We expect many people with a conscience to speak against this [form of discrimination]. Let us not be silent. We should not allow a few bigots to take over our coexistence.”

The Asawase legislator was also hopeful that an ongoing dialogue between key stakeholders involved in the impasse will yield positive results.

“We are happy that we met the Minister; we conveyed our concerns, and he keeps assuring us that these issues would be resolved amicably. We will continue to call for calm within the Muslim community.”