The Magic Of A 30 Min Walk


“Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far.” Thomas Jefferson

Apart from losing weight through regular physical activity like brisk walking physical activity has many benefits. Walking is most underrated form of physical activity and exercise. Before the 21st century, Africa and for that matter Ghana had the headache of tackling and battling with infectious communicable diseases (diseases that can be transmitted from person to person nongenetically) more than non-communicable disease (non-infectious). The World Health Organization posited an increase from 26% to 34% to 37% to 42% by 2020. Indeed the number of non- communicable diseases has increased sturdily over the years. Countless reasons back this including physical activity were learning its benefit today.

Due to an increase in the social and economic strata of Ghana, machines are replacing many routines at home and work. Remote controlling home appliances in the comfort of your couch and owning of cars has thrown into the dark, the need for physical activity which was the predominant norm before the 21st century. Manual blending in earthen-ware bowl replaced by the blender, handwashing replaced by automated washing machine and so on. I’ll not be so marveled if the only physical activity in some individual’s life is walking to bed. This is called in the parlance of modern day social media, “ ’livin’ the life & I’m living my best life”. Great!! It’s good you’re living your best life but make it a better best by adding some form physical activity. Walking, active recreation like hiking, cycling, and sports are all popular activities to be active, and they may be done by anyone of any ability level.

Walking improves circulation

Walking helps to prevent heart disease by increasing heart rate, decreasing blood pressure, and strengthening the heart. According to authorities, in just 24 weeks, postmenopausal women who walk one to two kilometers daily can drop their blood pressure by roughly 11mmHg. Lack of physical activity is a risk factor for a myriad non-communicable diseases like hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, kidney diseases, stroke. Hypertensive persons can take advantage of this to modify their lifestyle to bring down their blood pressure. Itinerary in a distance of less than one kilometer should not be done by driving but walking just to improve on the pounding activity of the heart. A research paper released by Harvard public health school stated categorically that stroke risk is reduced by 20-40% through physical activity like walking.

Walking makes sure that blood in veins is pushed to the heart more rapidly. Stasis of venous blood due to inactivity can form clots called deep vein thrombosis. Muscular activity during walking milks the venous blood eliminating the stasis, depleting grounds for these clot formation.

Walking helps prevent diabetes.

On the part of diabetes, walking helps in insulin sensitivity which is the underlying problem in type 2 diabetes popularly known as adult onset diabetes. Exercising of muscles through walking improves on sensitivity of insulin receptors especially those situated on the muscle to stimulation by insulin. Insulin stimulation helps muscles to draw excess glucose absorbed from ingested food to storage in the form of glycogen. So decide to walk a kilometer and around your house for 30min daily to prevent diabetes and improve your health if you’re already diabetic.

Walking soothes period pain

Authorities assert that walking for 30 minutes daily can assist with menstrual pain and other symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) although cuddling in bed during menses looks, sounds and feels relieving. Take a stroll around the house or in your vicinity when you’re when experiencing these pains and feel the magic.

Walking soothes your mood

The need for good mental hygiene can’t be over-emphasized. The boring daily routines of driving alone to work, daily work itineraries, and sitting in the couch to watch TV at the end of the day without other physical activities like walking can have a toll on mental hygiene. These boring chronologies are sometimes the source of major depression syndromes. Walking on a daily basis, even for a short time, can assist to revitalize your mind and improve your ability to ponder over things aside work and good cognitive acumen. Walking, according to some psychologists, might even help with the symptoms of mood and psychiatric disorders including anxiety and despair.

Walking doing the magic of checking your weight gain and cancers.

Weight gain finds itself as one of the chief risk factors for most non-communicable diseases from cancer to heart and blood vessel diseases. Significant weight reduction is known fact to decrease the risk of cancer to some extent even if it is not entirely. I see on the internet advertisement of various weight reducing pills advertised but these cannot replace exercise. Even some of these drugs have written on them that they work better when coupled with exercises. This should inform buyers and the general public that exercise can’t be replaced. So just hit the road this evening and walk for 30min to check your weight.

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