….As Soldiers Buy Bottle Of Water For $7

All is not well with the Ghana’s troops to Africa’s war-torn nation, South Sudan, as officers live in very challenging times.

DAYBREAK is learning that, Ghana’s contingent especially at Bentiu camp, are finding it difficult to find water to do basic chores as all reservoirs at the camp have run dry.

Information says there is a total of 10 reservoirs at the camp alone yet none of them has water in them bringing a lot of discomfort to desperate officers.

The Commander in-charge (name withheld) appears helpless as he has not been able to resolve the situation for weeks.

This, according to officers, is forcing them to use their hard earned dollars provided them by the United Nations (UN) to purchase water for drinking and other personal uses.

The situation has persisted and degenerated for four weeks now and officers say, it is becoming unbearable now.

According to a Save Our Sour (SOS) message sent to this paper, a Military Police (MP) officer is fighting an Adjutant at the camp for selling small bottle water at exorbitant prices.

A small bottle this paper gathered costs as much as $7. They are by this calling on the UN others bodies to come to their aid.