Public forum was not to attack John Mahama – United Cadres


The United Cadre Front (UCF), Tema Region at the weekend explained that its recent public forum was not organized to launch an attack against the 2024, flag-bearership bid of former President John Dramani Mahama.

According to them, its public fora were organized with the aim of involving grassroots and senior comrades in a healthy dialogue towards mobilizing for the good of the NDC.

Mr Oliver Agbenyo-Ahiafor, Chairman of the UCF-Tema Region in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at Tema said the recent public forum was just one of the several initiatives they occasionally took to invite senior cadres to share their experience and knowledge with them.

Mr Agbenyo-Ahiafor stressed that the forum was “not intended to be a springboard for launching an attack on former President John Mahama and neither was it meant to prepare a fertile ground for any individual to launch a contest against him”.

According to him, it came as a surprise to them when negative spin was put on their noble initiative indicating that key personalities were consulted to be part of the public forum, but not all of them were able to make themselves available.

“How then could anyone accuse the organizers of hatching a subversive plot against former President John Mahama?” he questioned, pointing out that it was also unfair to the speakers to suggest that their participation in the forum was a conspiracy against Mr Mahama.

He added that during the forum, it came out clear that the electoral fortunes of the party had consistently continued to decline since 1996, attributing it to a number of reasons with the main one being the disconnect with the grassroots and working people of the nation.

“That there is the need for a broad based, inclusive and far reaching reorganisation of the party in terms of re-statement of its ideology, identity, its structures, internal democratic processes and financing of the party” Agbenyo-Ahiafor called on all cadres to remain steadfast and united ‘even in the face of provocations and deliberate misinformation by our detractors in a bid to divide our ranks’ saying as May 15 marked the beginning of activities that led to the June 4, 1979 revolution members must reflect on current happenings in the country.

He called on all well-meaning Ghanaians, the NDC party members and supporters, all progressive forces and the public to reflect deeply on the events that led to the revolution and to be guided by its lessons.

According to the UCF Tema Region, Ghana’s democracy and progress as a nation was under threat as happenings in the education sector, security, abuse of journalists and media practitioners, intolerance of divergent views, lack of transparency in governance and collapsing of businesses, among others was worrying.