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National Security is broke!

Discreet information reaching DAYBREAK indicates that the nation’s premier intelligence institution, National Security, is broke.

This is because the Ministry of Finance has not yet sent in the required funds for the running of the institution even though the Legislature has approved support for it through the Appropriation Bill which has already been passed into law..

According to our very reliable sources, so broke is the state institution that it can hardly find resources to fund basic expenditures like fuelling of vehicles and payment of utilities.

National Security has since January not received its routine budget subvention that enables it run routine security responsibilities, including monitoring of traditional security flashpoints in the country as well as exit and entry points in the country along the eastern and western corridors.

Already Ghana is on a high alert barometer in the light of feared terrorist attacks threatening the region and which has been evident in Mali, Nigeria and Burkina Faso in the last decade.

Further reports reaching DAYBREAK indicates the state institution now has to rely on internally generated funds from agencies under it, including the well-resourced Ghana Armed Forces, the Ghana Police Service, Immigration Service, etc., creating room not only for holes in investigations and monitoring of strategic points, but also corruption of officers and the institution at large.

As we went to press, the Ministry of Finance was yet to give any indication as to when it intends remitting the National Security with its annual subvention running into millions of new Ghana cedis.

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