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How CEPS Sold Harmful Alcohol …Without C’tee’s Approval

It is emerging that barely half a year into the administration of the New Patriotic Party, the vestiges of impunity that created holes in the revenue basket at our national ports are still alive bending the rules for personal gain, even in the face of clear rules from official sources.

Information available indicates that some CEPS officials who should know better have been caught acting with impunity and sidestepping government directive for selling confiscated harmful chemicals to business cronies and friends in the last several months, away from the prying eyes of national security watch.

In a document available to DAYBREAK, captioned RE: APPLICATION TO PURCHASE UNWHOLESOME ETHYL ALCOHOL ON AUCTION, dated 27th April 2017 signed by Nana Seiwaa Caiquo, Water and Process Consult received a letter from CEPS agreeing to the sale of ethyl alcohol which has been certified buy the Customs Laboratory as unwholesome to the said company.

DAYBREAK learnt that under such circumstances, the Confiscated Assets Committee, which has been mandated to sell off such materials by auction, is informed and takes custody of the material for disposal under existing guidelines.

However, in this case, the CEPS officials ignored the Confiscated Assets Committee and sold all 10 containers of the unwholesome material with impunity and only wrote to the Committee informing it of the sale.

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