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Haruna Admits Azorka Presence

…..In NDC Candidate’s House

It is merging that, in a recorded secret conversation captured on tape which is now out, the controversy of the Azorka Boys being in the house of the National Democratic Congress parliamentary candidate for Ayawaso West Wuogon, is settled.

According to a statement made by Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu, the Azorka Boys were truly in the house of the candidate. His only worry was that, somehow, some of their own people relayed the message to the New Patriotic Party.

Haruna interestingly was on his way to an official assignment in Pennsylvania, US, when he decided to cut short the official call just to honour the party schedule.

“Myself and him [National Chairman] picked up an intelligence. I slept, but the intelligence turned out to be beneficial. He gave me a certain instruction. In pursuing the instruction, I slept. The sleep is the benefit of what you are seeing in Ayawaso…..

That part of the speech was applauded with cheers from the members of the communication team.

Continuing, Haruna said “He gave me instructions…I executed, I even picked what was to do it. In offloading it, I parried, and kept parrying, and kept it away from him, because amongst you, what Chairman was doing was being reported [by our own people]. Unfortunately, he would understand because they [NPP] could not be definite that there are Azorka Boys or somebody boys in the candidate’s house.

“If they were not privy to some particular people among us and what leadership was seeking to do [in the candidate’s house].”

The controversial recording carried the voices of a top NDC functionary and some party communicators who were hatching some wicked plans about their political opponents, the Electoral Commission chair, the Peace Council chair and civil society functionaries.


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