Confiscated Chair Sets Up illegal Taskforce


Chairman of the Confiscated Assets Committee, Nana Anim Obiri, has extended his authority forming a task force to veer into activities that have nothing to do with his mandate.

A task force is alleged to have been formed by the chairman whose board members are demanding that, President Akufo-Addo sacks him.

The modus operandi of the group this paper has gathered is that the task force hits the streets, to forcefully conduct a search on suspected vehicles for chassis numbers.

As a result, periodically, the task force members are deployed on the streets to inspect vehicles they suspect may have issues with their importation.

Aside from bringing discomfort to vehicle owners, DAYBREAK sources say amounts of money are extorted from victims in the process. The formation of the group has raised eyebrows.

Critics say this is an abuse of power and an extension of authority that does not exist because according to them, the Committee has no mandate to carry out such a search in the first place let alone seize vehicles.

They say, if there is suspicion that some vehicles have found their way onto the streets, it is the responsibility and mandate of the Customs and not a task force formed by the chairman of a Committee.

Recall that weeks ago, DAYBREAK blew the cover of this same chairman of the Confiscated Assets Committee under the Office of the President, Nana Obiri, after diverting vehicles for personal gains.

The credible information picked up by DAYBREAK indicated that the chairman, responsible for the auctioning of seized vehicles has opened a garage where he diverts these vehicles.
Instead of auctioning these vehicles at a cheaper amount, he allegedly diverts them to his garage.

The said private garage is allegedly located at Oyarifa, a suburb of Accra, where he sells the seized vehicles and pockets the proceeds.

Nana Obiri is said to have done this on the blind side of Ghanaians without traces for a while now.

Some of the Assets Committee members who have become aware of their chair’s moves are unhappy about the naked thievery.

They want President Akufo-Addo to remove him as head of the Committee.

According to insider sources, Nana Obiri was questioned about these diversions but he gave flimsy excuses which sources say did not make sense.

He is alleged to have planned and executed this plan so well but it appears all that is in the open now.

Another allegation is that Nana Obiri has created chits with fake names and so he gives these chits out as and when he likes and who is involved.

Asked why he created his chits with nonexistence names, the chair of the Confiscated Assets Committee said he had to because he did not want owners of the seized vehicles to trace who may have bought their seized vehicles.

But this appears not to have convinced the Committee members who want him replaced with immediate effect.