The incumbent New Patriotic Party over the weekend managed to successfully roll out its process for internal elections at national level.

The signals were clear in the lead- up to the voting processes that Stephen Ntim was going to win. But it was even clearer that the blustering General Secretary was also going to fall, despite alleged support from the government.

Indeed, his woes had begun when he began losing steam and control of the nerve centre of the party’s structures, which is research. We would recall that that culminated in the Fomena debacle which was to embarrass the Majority, the party and the President.

We would also recall that his administration produced candidates across the region who were ‘dead on arrival’, and it turned out that the NPP would sacrifice over 50 precious seats.

Tricky messages

It was only a matter of time as the perception of him being intolerant and sleeping on the job gained momentum.

And the new National Organiser as Youth Organiser might have met the same fate, but for some stroke of luck that saw him gravitating into a vacuum that saw minimal challenge.

As for Kate Gyamfua, it appeared that she survived because she knew her job and had already distinguished herself, damn the galamsey finger-pointing. Whatever the scores were, the battle has been lost and won because the years 2020 through to 2023 in the history of humanity is a calendar of ‘rising’ and ‘falling.’

Despite the antics of NDC’s clown representatives, the act still remained that the NPP as a political organisation was at its best, as were the tidy processes put in place by experienced apparatchiki.

The messages inherent in the atmosphere and the results show that while delegates may be mercenary, they are also beginning to appreciate that, being in government in collective hope, is better than losing out to the leading opposition National Democratic Congress, with fears that it can take the nation to the IMF, without capacity to bring it back.

As far as DAYBREAK is concerned, the clearest message or signal is that the party has shown that it wants a dynamic party, but that it also wants a dynamic government that believes in collective effort and renewal of limbs and brains.

NPP’s next message

Yes, the President and his Vice President has both talked about a rebound. That’s fine talk, only if both can prove that they are going to do the very things that brought back the country from an IMF Programme in 2013 and grow the economy fastest in Africa or the sub-region, for that matter.

Unfortunately, in 2013, government didn’t face an Agenda 111 that was compelling it to engage in the massive infrastructure development and transformation of the industrial sector. Again, it didn’t have a COVID-19 or Russia-Ukraine.

Where will Agenda 111 cash come from?

With this twin evil confronting us, I wonder how the President would be out there flamboyantly cutting sod or commissioning projects, with the Naughty Minority at his throat.

And we ask that, when the President and his Vice talk about collectively getting there or rebounding, do they mean the Minority okaying projects and expenditure brought to the House, without doing to it what they did to the E-Levy or the over almost one billion dollar funds that the Finance Minister wanted approved early last week, but got jolted.

Certainly, we are in critical times that deserve critical thinking on the part of the Executive, if it doesn’t want to be laughing at the wrong end of its mouth in December 2024.